Garden Now by Bhaktimarga Swami

One of the best things we can do as a calming task during the pandemic is gardening.  It already has succeeded in being the fastest-growing hobby.  Gardening is a sure way to being positively engaged and the results are, in most cases, very gratifying.  If we have a good reason with favourable weather and apply some TLC (tender loving care) then a harvest can reap great fruits – literally fruits and vegetables, flowers and plants.  You can get very creative and who knows, you might open the doors to some great landscaping adventures.
For some of us, having nutritious food at the table when you are the parent of such colourful and tasty offspring is really important.  In the culture of bhakti-yoga we prepare great dishes of veggies, fruits and grains as an offering to Krishna.  In other words the food is blessed.
The time to take up such an undertaking is now.  For those of us in a colder climate we can start by planting seeds in pots and give those seedlings a head-start.  By the time it becomes right for outdoor transplanting, which is less than a month from now, you can end up with a fabulous outcome.
Gardening is so therapeutic and it saves us time from purchasing less-advanced produce.  There is much prana (life-force) in what you can churn out of your garden.  It builds up wholesome pride.  Work on it now and enjoy the work.

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