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By Atma Tattva Das

Madhumangala Das, a devoted adherent of the Hare Krishna movement in Japan, shares a compelling narrative of spiritual growth intricately woven with the cultural tapestry of the “Land of the Rising Sun.” Reflecting on his journey, Madhumangala’s insights offer a profound glimpse into the collective experience of the Japanese devotee community—a journey marked by resilience, cultural adaptation, and unwavering dedication to the service of Srila Prabhupada’s mission.

“In the be

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Hare Krishna dear vaisnavas

Agnideva prabhu is hosting a retreat in Tobago (neighbouring island to his birthplace of Trinidad in the Caribbean near the tip of South America off the coast of Venezuela)

Please go if you can and share this flyer with those whom you think would appreciate this wonderful opportunity to relish the prayers of our Acharyas in person with agnideva prabhu.

Prabhu will be featuring 6 Bhajans & discussion each day.


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I met up with Ajamila at the corner of Wellesley and Sherbourn. We hadn’t seen each other since the lockdown started although the occasional meet by phone. He’s doing well and is singing bhajans on-line.
Bhajans are songs expressing devotional sentiments, in this case, to honour Krishna.
I had a thought that before long we could possibly sing and play together at this very corner by the library. There is a nice flow of pedestrian traffic, a good intersection for exposing mantras where there
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