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Beauty and Time by Bhaktimarga Swami


The weather these days could not be better. Though we were met by an exhilarating storm overnight, replete with lightning, thunder, wind and rain. Thankfully the storm settled down by the moment Krishna Chandra and I took to a stroll before dawn. We found an atmosphere of peace. The calm was incredible. Bushes, flowers, plants and trees were happy. They had a good bath. They were shining in a kind of splendour as the light reflected from city lampposts. It was indeed a wet look and most beautif

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Visit Bali!


Tourists visit Bali for various reasons - Balinese culture, hospitality, natural beauty, etc. But there are few reason why devotees should consider visiting Bali. Bali is a predominantly Hindu state in the largest Muslim country in the world. Centuries back this was a Hindu country but got invaded by Muslims and thus the locals were converted. However, Bali which was the epicenter of Hinduism has some how maintained their culture in spite of all the onslaught of time. There are more than thousa

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Krsna’s beauty is not only external. His beauty is not only in His form and in His lotus eyes and so on, the beauty is in His very nature. Krsna is very noble. Our Krsna is extremely kind. When Draupadi was in the assembly of the Kurus and Shakuni was carrying out his tricks with the dice and cheating, the Pandavas lost everything. Even Yudhistira himself was totally lost. He lost all his brothers, then he lost himself and then he wagered Draupadi. So Draupadi was saying that it was not a prope

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