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By Jayabhadra devi dasi, IGF preacher

Every year Amravati’s ISKCON Girls’ Forum team along with other matajis organize a Vaishnavi padayatra on International Women’s Day. This year, however, we didn’t get permission for the event and consequently, we were all morose and had given up hope for our padayatra. But our spiritual master, Lokanath Maharaja, gave us back our lost hope.

His arrival at our Sri Sri Rukmini-Dwarkadish temple on March 25 awakened our desire for padayatra. W

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By Jayabhadra devi dasi

A one-day padayatra is a nice way of sensitizing villagers to ISKCON and the most-powerful holy name. As a Tuberculosis Officer in Maharashtra, I am continually sensitizing people to the disease, how to avoid it and control it, but we are all suffering from the disease of bhava-roga, repeatedly taking birth, and we need to bring this to people’s attention.

On February 19, 2022, the day of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaja jayanti, I accompanied several devotees to a one-day pa

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Last year, on International Women’s Day Amravati’s ISKCON Girls’ Forum held the inaugural Vaishnavi padayatra which proved to be a unique experience. Normally, in India, matajis remain restricted to cooking, garland making, or similar services. But coming together and organizing a padayatra was a great achievement. The matajis of ISKCON Amravati walked for 8km and participated in dramas, sankirtana and other activities along the way. Everyone was filled with enthusiasm. Later, as they discusse

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