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1.) First let us analyze what our relationship is with Vrndavana and then see how we can develop it. Lord Caitanya explained that these are the five most important aspects in devotional service, which if even a little bit performed, can quickly bring one to the stage of love of God.

sadhu-sanga, nama-kirtana, bhagavata-sravana, mathura-vasa, sri-murtira sraddhaya sevana

One should associate with devotees, chant the holy name of the Lord, hear Srimad-Bhagavatam, reside at Mathura and worship the
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Summer 1973. It’s 8am, and already Washington, DC is bustling with activity, as everyone hurries to work. A group of ISKCON devotees also leave their temple, crossing Q Street and heading towards Connecticut Avenue, a heavily populated business district. But their job is different: as they walk, they sing kirtan, an ancient Vedic call-and-response style of chanting God’s Holy Names.

Suddenly, a young fellow appears out of nowhere, a flute tucked under his arm and long red hair streaming out behin

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My dear devotees,
Please accept my humble obeisances.
All glories to His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada! All glories to HG Aindra Prabhu!
My assistant called me from India, when I was on the way to the airport in Burma, and asked whether I heard about Aindra Prabhu. With the kind of tone in which he enquired, I thought of the worst, and it was true. Aindra had left us behind. I was shaken, shattered and shocked. I thought of flying to Vrndavan, but the arrangements could not be made in time. Unfortu
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The news of the sudden departure of Ayendra prabhu certainly comes as a great shock, as I am stunned along with all the devotees of the movement. There was certainly a great feeling of disbelief as I was given this report. He was my personal friend, as well as mybeloved God brother. There are undoubtedly devotees

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May Krishna’s holy name, which is a reservoir of all transcendentalhappiness, the destroyer of Kali-yuga’s sins, the most purifying ofall purifying things, the saintly person’s food as he traverses thepath to the spiritual world, the pleasure-garden where the voices ofthe greatest saints, philosophers, and poets play, the life of therighteous, and the seed of the tree of religion, bring transcendentalauspiciousness to you all.

Sri Rupa Goswami, Padyavali, 19

This was a favorite verse of Srila Akin
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He reasons ill who says that Vaisnavas die,
When thou art living still in sound!
The Vaisnavas die to live, and living try
To spread the holy name around.
His Grace Aindra Prabhu Attains the Spiritual Realm With extreme anguish we inform the devotees of the disappearance of His Grace Aindra Prabhu on the night of July 16, 2010. He was alone in his room worshiping His beloved Deities when apparently there was a gas leak from his cylinder. Some devotees heard a sound and there was some smell, but no
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Please accept our humble obeisances.
All glories to Srila Prabhupda

We just got sad news from Vrindavan that His Grace Aindra prabhu suddenly left his body in Vrindavan few hours back.
There was an accidental gas leak in his room in Vrindavan causing a blast which caused 100 percent burns.
He was scheduled to do his regular dressing today morning of Sri Sri Radha Shyamsundar, ISKCON Vrindavan.
Devotees all around the world would very much miss this great devotee & kirtan singer.
His appearance day was
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The BBT will be holding its fourth annual art seminar in Vrindavana, India, from November 5 25, 2010. Once again, the seminar will led by veteran ISKCON artists Dhriti Dasi and Ramdas Abhirama Dasa, teaching both new and repeat students practical techniques as well as the mood essential in producing devotional art.

A new website dedicated to the seminar is now online at http://artseminar.bbt.info.

The course is free for the fifteen most-qualified applicants, with priority given to students who hav

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Dear Maharaja's and Prabhus,Pamho. Agtsp.I would like to share an amazing story that a devotee announced this morning here in Kolkata.Yesterday, Jananivas Prabhu, our head priest in ISKCON Mayapur, was repainting the Lord Jagannatha Deity. He left without finishing the job, because he had to go to another program, the Disappearence Festival of H.H. Bhakti Tirtha Maharaja. He was planning to continue the painting work the following day.Last night Jananivas dreamt that Jagannatha's brother, Balade
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Quetta is the largest city and the provincial capital of the Balochistan Province of Pakistan. It is known as the "Fruit Garden of Pakistan", due to the diversity of plants and animal wildlife. Quetta is 1,680 meters (5,500 feet) above the sea level and having the healthy climate. The temperature drops a few degrees below the freezing point in winter following a typical autumn when the leaves turn golden and then a wild red.

ISKCON Devotee initiated Program and celebration of installation of deit

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hare Krishna! So the news is out. Hold your breath. The world has on date, 1 crore millionaires( in USD), which is 0.016% of the world's population. Within USA approx 0.09% are millionaires and this means 99.01% are not! India has 0.0001% that is one in 10,000.. India also has officially 37% of its people living a Below Poverty Line life. The good news according to the press is that the number is growing rapidly - at what cost to the rest of the world is anybody's guess. Last year was a bad year

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Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 4.5.2

kruddhaḥ sudaṣṭauṣṭha-puṭaḥ sa dhūr-jaṭir
jaṭāḿ taḍid-vahni-saṭogra-rociṣam
utkṛtya rudraḥ sahasotthito hasan
gambhīra-nādo visasarja tāḿ bhuvi

kruddhaḥ — very angry; su-daṣṭa-oṣṭha-puṭaḥ — pressing his lips with his teeth; saḥ — he (Lord Śiva); dhūḥ-jaṭiḥ — having a cluster of hair on his head; jaṭām — one hair; taḍit — of electricity; vahni — of fire; saṭā — a flame; ugra — terrible; rociṣam — blazing; utkṛtya — snatching; rudraḥ — L
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letter from god

As you got up this morning, I watched you, and hoped you would talk to Me, even if it was just a few words, asking My opinion or thanking Me for something good that happened in your life yesterday. But I noticed you were too busy, trying to find the right outfit to wear.

When you ran around the house getting ready, I knew there would be a few minutes for you to stop and say hello, but you were too busy.

At one point you had to wait fifteen minutes with nothing to do except sit in a

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Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 4.4.27

tataḥ sva-bhartuś caraṇāmbujāsavaḿ
jagad-guroś cintayatī na cāparam
dadarśa deho hata-kalmaṣaḥ satī
sadyaḥ prajajvāla samādhijāgninā

tataḥ — there; sva-bhartuḥ — of her husband; caraṇa-ambuja-āsavam — on the nectar of the lotus feet; jagat-guroḥ — of the supreme spiritual teacher of the universe; cintayatī — meditating; na — not; ca — and; aparam — not other (than her husband); dadarśa — saw; dehaḥ — her body; hata-kalmaṣaḥ — taints of sin being destroye
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Turn Lower Desires into Superior Desires
From H H Sachinanadana Swami

"One can give up inferior desires when engaged in superior desires. To try to stop desires is impossible. One has to desire the Supreme in order not to be entangled in inferior desires." (Srila Prabhupada in his SB purport to 4.22.39)

The crucial question is: How to increase our spiritual desires? Here is Prabhupada's simple advice: "There must be regular recitation on the talks of God. Going and coming to the temple, church or m
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Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 4.4.20

karma pravṛttaḿ ca nivṛttam apy ṛtaḿ
vede vivicyobhaya-lińgam āśritam
virodhi tad yaugapadaika-kartari
dvayaḿ tathā brahmaṇi karma narcchati

karma — activities; pravṛttam — attached to material enjoyment; ca — and; nivṛttam — materially detached; api — certainly; ṛtam — true; vede — in the Vedas; vivicya — distinguished; ubhaya-lińgam — symptoms of both; āśritam — directed; virodhi — contradictory; tat — that; yaugapada-eka-kartari — both activities in one
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On the day of Aksaya Tritiya in Vrindavan, all large Goswami Temple Deities are covered with chandan Paste and not a bit of cloth used to cover the deities in the afternoon. The festival is also celebrated in our ISKCON Vrindavan temple and it usually continues for 21 days with the Utsava Vigrahas covered in chandan. The Deities are covered completely

with chandan

(sandalwood paste), which provides the Lord relief from the scorching heat of summer in the month of Vaisakha/Jyestha (May/June).


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Śrīmad Bhāgavatam 4.4.8

mātrā ca mātṛ-ṣvasṛbhiś ca sādaram
dattāḿ saparyāḿ varam āsanaḿ ca sā
nādatta pitrāpratinanditā satī

saudarya — of her sisters; sampraśna — with the greetings; samartha — proper; vārtayā — tidings; mātrā — by her mother; ca — and; mātṛ-svasṛbhiḥ — by her aunts; ca — and; sa-ādaram — along with respect; dattām — which was offered; saparyām — worship, adoration; varam — presents; āsanam — a seat; ca — and; sā — she (Satī); na
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Beyond Vegetarianism

Beyond Vegetarianism

If one offers Me with love and devotion a leaf, a flower, fruit, or water, I will accept it.

- Bhagavad-gita (9.26)

Beyond concerns of health, psychology, economics, ethics, and even karma, vegetarianism has a higher, spiritual dimension that can help us develop our natural appreciation and love for God.

Walking through a supermarket, people may forget a very basic fact of nature - it's not man but God who makes food. There's something mystical about the way food grows. You put

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