By Madhava Smullen 

With the UK now about to go into its fourth week of lockdown, people who would be struggling from one week to the next during normal times are now running out of money. Many are also sick or completely isolated in their homes without any family members. In this environment, more and more community groups are calling for free meals to help those in need. 

Enter devotee-run charity Food For All, which has now increased its daily distribution from 2,200 prasadam meals to 4,100 a day. Six hundred of these go out from the Gokula Café in Watford to nearby towns and cities.  

The rest is distributed by Food For All’s main kitchen in Holborn, London – nicknamed Krishna’s Castle – which has turned its entire car park into a giant factory for mass producing containers of prasadam. 

“We have the capacity to make 20,000 meals,” says Director Parasurama Das. “And we expect to gradually reach that number. Every day, community groups and councils are phoning me up, giving me lists of hungry people.” 

The massive operation at Krishna’s Castle starts at 4:30am every morning when kitchen manager Sofia turns on the gas hobs, and Parasurama goes out to pick up fresh food from various markets. 

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