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Book distribution:Good One

Recently we flew south from a preaching tour in North Queensland, Australia, since our house in Sydney had been sold and we were moving a thousand kilometers north to the New Govardhana farm. We left our van with some friends in Mackay, North Queensland, since it was too far to drive in a short time with a baby and a wife.

So we moved our possessions up north. After doing so much traveling and moving our household, I felt like resting a bit before flying back up to North Queensland to get our van. But my wife insisted that there were some towns we had missed and some bhaktas we had promised to hold a feast for. So we set out to get our van and do another trip. Halfway through the trip, though, we felt maybe it was time to go back. Then we changed our minds and decided try a little more before heading back.

We nearly ran out of books, so we ordered more. When they came I picked them up and we drove to the motel we were staying at. After we got out out of the van, my wife asked me to hang the washing. I walked into the laundry and came face to face with a man with a shaved head. I said "Hare Krishna," and he replied "Hare Krishna" and asked if I had any books. He bought one of all the hard and softcover books I had for $120. (So it pays to always serve your wife if she needs immediate help.)

The next day he came to our morning program and got beads. I asked if he wanted to come out with us that day and do some preaching, since he had no job. The next two days he enthusiastically came out with us and stayed out all day doing books, harinam, and prasadam distribution.

One day we went to a plaza. It was the end of the day and I had to buy something. I told him to wait in the parking lot and approach a few people. I was not expecting much, since he hadn't sold many books so far. When he came back he handed me $170, saying a lady had given him a $100 donation and then bought two Kurma cookbooks for $70! I thought, "This man has some shakti!"

That day he also came to me and said he had a gift. When I opened the envelope, to my surprise it contained $500! To try to enthuse him I asked him to come traveling with us. He came for a week and went out every day, and he even wanted to wash the dishes after every meal! Then he went home but said he would like to come to the Kuli Mela in January at New Govardhana. He has already booked his ticket and will stay with us. If he likes it, he plans to move to the farm. After this experience, we realized that this was Krishna's special plan and that our second trip was well worthwhile.

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