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Preaching by Krpakara dasa (ACBSP)


When is a person Krsna Consciousness enough to preach? Srila Prabhupada encouraged us to preach immediately, regardless of our degree of realization. By preaching we cement our understanding. Hearing is the first step in devotional service, and the second step is chanting. Either privately or Congregationally. Preaching really means teaching.

It is commonly accepted that by teaching others your own understanding becomes enhanced. They also say your retention levels increase when you pass on to

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By Satya Medha Gauranga dasa

Srila Prabhupada introduced the Krishna consciousness movement in the western world keeping in mind the time, place and circumstances. Srila Prabhupada was an expert preacher. He perfectly knew how to preach depending on the time, place and circumstances. This video shows glimpses of the extraordinary success that has originated from Srila Prabhupada’s extraordinary preaching and outreach strategies.


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4487161989?profile=RESIZE_584xThe time is very dangerous. And still, in this dangerous time . . . Just like in epidemic conditions where people are being contaminated and dying, still, the doctors appointed by the government have to go into the epidemic area and try to treat the persons and save them. Our duty is like that. The whole atmosphere is epidemic—whole atmosphere, this Kali-yuga. And still, by the superior orders, we have to preach this Krishna consciousness movement.

Therefore our only shelter is Krishna. Krsna, k

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This write-up is not intended as a criticism of the preaching efforts of any particular devotees. I am sure that all devotees involved in preaching to scientists and scholars are doing their best to promulgate the philosophy of Krsna Consciousness. However, there are certain general issues that are of great importance. Inevitably, the discussion of these general issues involves illustrations taken from the preaching work of particular individuals. I hope that these individuals will forgive me f

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