Actions, Reactions & Devotees


This Sunday at Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Mandir, I heard the most wonderful Srimad Bhagavatam Class as well as the opinions of the devotees later.


Of the many wonderful points made in the class, the one point which stood out the most was - For every action, particularly the bad ones, you will face a reaction.


You cannot avoid the reaction, whoever you are.


But then it is said that once one becomes a devotee- his karma cycles slowly come to a stop. Sounds conflicting?


No. When one starts chanting and practicing devotional service, then he slowly gets the realization, to stop committing activities which further bind him to the material existence.


Therefore when we have a position and responsibility, we should also have the maturity to carry out the action.


Another point which was interesting was a question was asked that if injustice is done to us, should we simply tolerate it?


The answer was no- We should resolve the matter of injustice, but not with a spirit of vengeance. A spirit of vengeance will only create destruction and not resolve any matter. We should confront the situation as need be, but maintain the spirit of humility through the situation. And the forgive the person after the matter is resolved. Because we should hate the mis-deed but not the doer.

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  • hari bol.....

    very nice teaching regarding injustice........

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