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  • Hare Krishna

    how r u

    u r from where ?

  • Nice talking to you mataji...Hari Bollllll
  • Have a wondeful Book Matrathon...

    GO GO GO!...
  • hare krsna n thanx

  • Hari bol!! thanx for the Darshan of Shree Shree Radha ShyamSundar Sakhi
  • hare krishan sister
    welcome in iskcon group
    if ever feel u disturbance plz meet me
    a lover of all devotees of isckon
    hare krishna hare rama
    krishna krishna hare hare
  • hare krishna,priyanka.i'm sending some pics,i wish u like it.

  • Haribol....Very beautiful picture of Radhe and Krishna
  • hare krishna ..its in chandigarh ..u seem to really like the pics ..the deities are beautiful actually..
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