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  • hare krshna
  • hari bollllllll
  • Hare Krishna,
    I would like to invite you to join our vaisnava Group:
  • hare krishna.....g...

    hwz u..?
  • Hare Krishna, Priyanka Mataji,

    I too am from Rohtak District (Beri) but now live in Thane - Mumbai and follow the preachings by the Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Temple (ISKCON Chowpatty) since last 1& half years. The weekly preaching courses are held at our complex and are being attended by 50 odd residents. I feel most blessed that I came into Krishna Bhakti via ISKCON & not other sampradayas following & preaching similar philosophy.

    Mataji, it is special mercy of Gopinath that you have come into the fold of ISKCON as they preach what they follow & every devotee, every Senior Brahmachari considers himself as your servant and will always look forward for ways to serve you & thinks it is Krishna's special mercy on him by giving him an opportunity to serve other vaishnavas.

    Mataji, I would request you that if possible then you can start some kind of Satsang program in Rohtak so that others too can benefit. What better way to serve than spread the movement of Lord Guaranga.

    You can contact the ISKCON Temple that you are visiting and they will certainly help you in organizing preaching programs. Especially "The Science of Self-realization" Course (a Six Day Course) is one of the best Seminars for introducing the Sleeping Souls of todays' Sanatana Dharma.

    Please pray for us so that I follow the path of Devotional Service.

    Hare Krishna

    Vinay Gupta
  • thank you for the postersee you soon on the chat just try to think alvays to SRI KRISNA
  • Haribol Mathaji , Request your prayers for My devotional advancement and attentive chanthing - Most fallen Ramesh
  • hare krishna.... mataji
  • Hare Krishna Mata Ji Nearest temple from Rohtak is Bahadurgah & Punjabi Bagh West Delhi,Rohini(Under Construction)Delhi
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