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  • radhe radhe and jai shri krishna ji
    all your uploaded videos are awesome .
    hare krishna hare rama...
    rama rama hare hare........
  • Hare Krishna..!
    Nitai Gaurchandra ki Jai..!
    Hari Bol..!
  • Hare Krsna. All glories to Guru and Gauranga.
  • Hare Krsna Mata G!
    think us as ur servant
    anything u need in advancement of spiritual progress/ bhakti please let us know
    your eternal servant
  • address of punjabi bagh temple is 41/77 club road west punjabi bagh new delhi-110026
  • hare krsna when you'll come to delhi east of kailash temple then i'll tell you the address of punjabi bagh temple..
  • hare krishna...actually i've discussed your problem of how to come in touch with iskcon from my mentors (senor devotees) they were saying that if at your place there is no temple no problem you can stay in touch with the prabhupada books and atleast once in a week you should come to the temple which is nearest to you and make contacts with the senior devotees and keep in touch with them thro' phone calls or msg's.sorry if said something wrong ...trying to serve you. if you feel that i can help you than i'm definitely there to help you..hare krishna.
  • hare krsna.. now welcome to are at the right place here in this site all the devotees will definitely help you....can you just tell me the location of your place because i usually come to rohtak...??hari bol/..
  • Hari Bol
  • Hare Krishna. I have a few Aussie mates of mine whom i have introduced to the Hare Krishna movement and they seem to enjoy it too, so we visited the Sydney ISCKON and after that, we headed to my place for a little Kirtan session, we sang, played instruments, had fun really, instead of wasting our time at parties. i feel like it was a change for the better. And that was about it mate!! Thanks for being so interested mataji!!! Hare Krishna!!!
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