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Yo mameva prapannascha mathpriyam na maheshwara

na kadpai sachapnothi mamevam the mayoditham

Sri Krishna says "If one surrenders to me without having surrendered to Radhaji, one cannot attain my darshan( Darshan means spiritual experience of seeing, feeling or hearing specific aspects of a deity)".


Sakrudavam prapanno va mathpriyamekikam sutha

Sevathenanyabhavene sa mamethi na samsayaha.

Sri Krishna says "Even if one does not surrender to me and worships and serves Sri Radhaji alone with singlemindedness, I will bless him with my darshan. This is beyond any doubt."

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Radha Krishna


Anadyoyam purusha eka evasthi, todekam rupam dvidha vidhaya sarvam rasan samaharathi, svayameva nayi karupam vidhaya samaradhana tatparobhooth tham Radham rasikanandam Veda vido vedanthi.

The samaveda rahasya states that the Parama purusha(the foremost Divine) with a view to manifest all his latent ecstatic features (the Rasa) in His transcendental Divine play, himself, became Goddess sarveswari Radha. To immerse in the worship of his own beautiful form, He also assumed the form of God. He is Sri Krishna.

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Delicious Banana Peels


Once Krishna went to Vidura's house. Vidura was Krishna's devotee, and was also very affectionate to Arjun and his four brothers; in fact, on several occasions he had saved them from great danger. Because of this, Krishna was very fond of Vidura. When Krishna got to Vidura's house, Vidura was not there, so Krishna pleaded with his wife Vidurani," Oh, Vidurani Maiya, I am so hungry! Please give me something to eat." Vidurani was very affectionate to Krishna and she was anxious to serve Him. She began to offer Him bananas, but in her confusion, she threw away the fruit and gave Him the peels. Krishna affectionately accepted the peels, and relished them joyfully. They tasted sweeter to Him than all the preparations and offerings made in Dvarka by His chief queens Rukmini and Satyabhama.

While Krishna was completely absorbed in accepting Vidurani's offering of banana peels, Vidura came in. He was astonished at what he saw and exclaimed,"Oh, Vidurani! What are you doing?" Krishna tried to caution him," Don't speak to her. She is not in her external senses. She is fully absorbed in transcendental love and affection." Vidurani however, came back to external consciousness when she heard her husband speak, and she soon realised what was happening. Then she began to give Krishna the fruit of the banana, and throw away the peels. Krishna was a little disappointed. "Oh! The fruit is not as tasty as the peels were." From this pastime, we can see that Krishna never became hungry. He does not want to taste banana, or rabadi, or milk, or anything. He just wants to take the essence of all fruits. What is the essence? It is simply love and affection, the mood of bhakti in the offering.

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Prem Ras Madira


Kishore! Tore charanan ki bali Jaun.

Oh, Kishoriji! I sacrifice my 'everything' on Your lotus-feet.

Jin yuga-charanan arunima-upama, pachihari nahin paun.

I have tried to describe the tender redness of Your lotus feet through some similar example in this world, but all my efforts have been in vain.

Japa, gulala, prabala adi ki, upama deta lajaun.

I feel ashamed to compare them to the redness of an indravadhuti( a very soft, red, velvety insect), to gulal, a rose, to prabal, the new and tender leaves of a mango tree, or to anything else.

Mriduta men gulaba, navani ki, samataa lakhi na sakaun.

How am I able to compare the infinite softness of Your lotus feet to the tenderness of delicate rose petals or to the smooth softness of warm butter, when they are so much softer than this?

Jin charanan ko chapat Hari nita, ka mahima main gaun.

What glories can I sing of those lotus feet that are served even by the supreme Lord Shri Krishna?

'Kripalu' ki chaha raina-din, charanan dhyana lagaun.

Kripalu prays to Shri Radha," My only desire is to single-mindedly meditate day and night on Your lotus-feet."

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Guru is the door to spiritual liberation, but it is the aspirant who has to enter it through niskama karma- righteous words, thoughts and actions performed without the expectation of results. Also a total surrender, a strong faith and a firm devotion towards the Guru is needed. He must perform service to others without the expectation of positive results or any kind of reward. To light a candle, you need a burning candle. An illumined soul alone can enlighten another soul.

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Prayer to God


O Sustainer of the universe, O Commiserator of the afflicted, O Purifier of the fallen, O Almighty Lord, O Befriender of the meek, O Narayana, O Hari, have mercy on me. Be gracious to me. O Inner Controller of all, you are well known in the world by the epithet 'Ocean of mercy'. Hence it is but natural for you to shower Your grace on me.

O Lord, if You enjoy the title of 'Purifier of the fallen', be good enough to appear before me at least once. Prostrating myself before You again and again, I implore You to bless me with Your sight. O Lord! Other than You in this world there is none whom I call my own. Be pleased, therefore, to show Your countenance to me, to reveal Yourself before me. Tantalise me no more. You go by the name of Visvambhara( Sustainer of the universe). Why, then, do You not grant my hope? By showing grace to me Your stock of mercy will not grow less in any measure. An iota of Your mercy is capable of redeeming the whole world. On what account is it, then, for You to redeem an insignificant creature like me? If You take into account the record of my doings, there can be no hope whatsoever of my being freed from the trammels of mundane existence. Therefore, recall Your own title of 'Patita-Pavana' (The purifier of the fallen) and bless this insignificant creature with Your sight. I know nothing either of Devotion or of Yoga or of any ritual by virtue of which I may hope to be blessed with Your sight. Be pleased, therefore, O Lord! To manifest Yourself before me but once.

----- Sri Jayadayal Goyandka

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Offering of Self to God


The subject of self-offering to God should be critically analysed and examined. The word 'self' here means all the three bodies ( physical, subtle and casual bodies) of men together with the soul, and offering means surrender. The things over which we exercise our right of proprietorship, to offer them all unreservedly to God is self-offering. This is one of the principal items of surrender to God. It may also be described as an essential item of Devotion. There are four states or phases of surrender. The first stage is marked by clinging to God's Name or His transcendent Form. The second stage is characterized by subordinating one's will to God, that is, acting in conformity with His will or doing as He may direct him to do. The third phase of surrender consists in cheerfully accepting all the divine decrees and the fourth stage is that of absolute surrender in which one commits himself to the loving care of God, and surrenders his whole being, his very 'I' to God. When I myself stand offered to God all that I possess naturally becomes His property.

One who realizes the truth that all things belong to God and we have wrongly assumed our right of possession over them which should be relinquished. One who realizes this truth remains unperturbed and unshaken under all circumstances. Not only this, he gets absorbed in ecstatic joy; he derives happiness from the happiness of his Master and since his Master is never unhappy, he too is always happy. Whatever he now does, he does at the bidding of his Master and in conformity with His wishes; for his mind, intellect and body have been offered to Lord. Everything now belongs to God, and he no longer exercises his authority over them. Having offered his self to God with devotion he resigns himself completely to the will of the Lord, so that he never forgets the Paramatma and is always immersed in His thoughts.

A devotee who has thrown himself at the mercy of the Lord is sure to attain Him, no matter if he meditates on Him as something apart from him or merges his identity in Him.

Take the illustration of a piece of cloth belonging to a particular person: the cloth has surrendered itself to its owner. The owner may tear it to pieces, throw it away, burn it, spread it on ground, cover himself with it or give it away to someone, it will not murmer; to whatever use the owner may be pleased to put it, it doesn't raise any objection. Whoever surrenders himself to God like this will unhesitatingly submit himself to whatever use the Lord makes of him. Such a devotee attains salvation even though living. Although possessing life he submits to the control of the Lord as though he were dead. He would no more object than a dead body. He alone is Jivanmukta( one who is liberated through living) who can even though living efficiently play the role of a dead man.

Such a liberated soul becomes fearless; he transcends all sorrows and attains eternal and unshakeable peace.

------ By Jayadayal Goyandka

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Meditate on Sri Hari enjoying His repast in the company of cowherd-boys in a forest-bower on the banks of the Jamuna. He is seated cross-legged under the fabled tree which fulfills all desires. He possesses a colour as blue as the cloud, His effulgence illuminates the entire universe, He wears a beautiful cloth of yellow colour, His body is painted with sandal-paste and other sweet smelling ingredients, His eyes are extended up to the ears, the ears are adorned with a pair of earrings, His lotus like face is blooming through a sweet smile, a necklace consisting of the kasturbha gem is hanging from His neck, the beauty of His ornaments is enhanced by the lustre of His body, a garland of forest flowers is suspended on His chest, He has conquered the dark age of Kali through His glory, a cluster of humming bees surround His head adorned with the beautiful seeds of gunja( Abrus precarious).---Acharya Sankara
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Birth of Lord Krishna

Birth of Lord Krishna

Vishnu incarnated with very wonderful lotuslike eyes and bore in His four hands the four weapons sankha, cakra, gada and padma (conchshell, club, disc and lotus flower). On His chest was the mark of Srivatsa and on His neck the brilliant Kaustubha gem. Dressed in yellow, His body blackish like a dense cloud, His scattered hair fully grown, and His helmet and earrings sparkling uncommonly with the valuable gem Vaidurya, the child, decorated with a brilliant belt, armlets, bangles and other ornaments, appeared very wonderful.

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Sri Damodarastakam

Sri Damodarastakam by Satyavrata Muni
(Book: Padma Puran)

namamisvaram sac-cid-ananda-rupam
lasat-kundalam gokule bhrajamanam
paramrstam atyantato drutya gopya
“I bow down to the supreme controller, Sri Damodara, whose form is the embodiment of eternity, knowledge, and bliss. His glistening earrings swing playfully to and fro upon His cheeks. He manifests super-excellent pastimes in Gokula, by stealing fresh butter suspended from the rafters of the gopi’s storerooms. In fear of Mother Yasoda, He jumps down from a wooden grinding mortar and quickly runs away. She runs swiftly after Him and finally catches Him from behind.”

rudantam muhur netra-yugmam mrjantam
karambhoja-yugmena satanka-netram
muhuh svasa-kampa-tri-rekhanka-kantha-
sthita-graivam damodaram bhakti-baddham
“He cries and rubs His eyes again and again with His two lotus hands. His eyes are fearful and His breathing quick. As Mother Yasoda binds His belly with ropes, He shivers in fright and the pearl necklace shakes upon His neck, which is marked with three lines like a conch shell. To the Supremem Lord, Sri Damodara, whose belly is bound by His mother’s pure love, not by rope, I offer my humble obeisances.”

itidrk-sva-lilabhir ananda-kunde
sva-ghosam nimajjantam akhyapayantam
tadiyesita-jnesu bhaktair jitatvam
punah prematas tam satavrtti vande
“O my Lord, by Your own childhood pastimes, You continually immerse the residents of Gokula in pools of ecstasy. You reveal to those who are attracted to Your majesty and opulence, that You are only conquered by the love of Your pure devotees. Again I offer my obeisances with love and devotion hundreds and hundreds of times.”

varam deva moksam na moksavadhim va
na canyam vrne ‘ham varesasd apiha
idam te vapur natha gopala-balam
sada me manasy avirastam kim anyaih
“O Lord Damodara, although You are able to give all kinds of benedictions, I do not pray to You for liberation, nor the supreme goal of eternal life in Vaikuntha, nor for any other boon. My only desire, O Lord, is that Your form as Bala Gopala in Vrindavana may constantly remain in my heart. I have no use for any other boon besides this.”

idam te mukhambhojam atyanta-nilair-
vrtam kuntalaih snigdha-raktais ca gopya
muhus cumbitam bimba-raktadharam me
manasy avirastam alam laksa-labhaih
“Your supremely enchanting face, encircled by shining locks of dark blue curling hair, resembles the fully blossomed lotus, tinged with a reddish luster, due to being kissed again and again by Mother Yasoda. May this vision of Your lotus face, with lips are red as bimba fruit, remain forever in my heart. Millions of other benedictions are of no benefit to me.”

namo deva damodarananta visno
prasida prabho duhkha-jalabdhi-magnam
krpa-drsti-vrstyati-dinam batanu-
grhanesa mam ajnam edhy aksi-drsyah
“O Damodara! O Lord of divine beauty and unlimited mercy! O all pervading Visnu! I offer my obeisances unto You. May You be pleased with me. I am drowning in an ocean of sorrow and feeling almost dead. Shower Your nectar laden glances upon me, thereby uplifting me and enthusing me with life. Please accept me, O Lord, and become visible before my eyes.”

kuveratmajau baddha-murtyaiva yad-vat
tvaya mocitau bhakti-bhajau krtau ca
tatha prema-bhaktim svakam me prayaccha
na mokse graho me ‘sti damodareha
“O Lord Damodara, although Mother Yasoda bound Your divine form to a wooden grinding mortar, You mercifully delivered the sons of Kuvera, Manigriva and Nalakuvara, who were cursed to stand as trees, and You gave them the gift of devotional service. Please bless me in this same way with Your most wonderful prema-bhakti. I have no eagerness for any other type of liberation.”

names te ‘stu damne sphurad dipti-dhamne
tvadiyodarayatha visvasya dhamne
namo radhikayai tvadiya priyayai
namo ‘nanta-lilaya devaya tubhyam
“O Lord, I offer respectful obeisances unto Your belly, the abode of the entire universe, which is bound by Mother Yasoda with a brilliantly effulgent rope. To this rope I offer my humble obeisances. I offer repeated obeisances to Your dearmost beloved Srimati Radharani, and I bow before You, who are performing unlimited super-excellent pastimes.”

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Dhani Dhani Radhika ke Charan

Dhani Dhani Radhika ke Charan

The lotusfeet of Sri Radhika are my only treasure
(from Sri Radha-rasa-sudha-nidhi)

alam visaya varta ya naraka koti bibhatsaya
vrtha sruti kathasramo bata bibhemi kaivalyatah
paresa bhajanon mada yadi sukadayah tatah kim
parantu mama radhika pada rase mano majjatu

May my mind always float in the ocean of divine nectar emanating from the lotus feet of Srimati Radharani. No more fear of millions of hells. Studying of the scriptures has become simply troublesome. Merging into the brahman effulgence is terrible. The ecstatic symptoms of devotion to the Lord that are felt by the great devotees like Suka have lost their charms.

upasya caranambuje vraja bhrtam kisori ganaih
mahad bhirapi purusair apari bhavya rasotsave
agadha rasa dhamani svapada Padma seva vidhau
vidhehi madhuroj jvalam iva krtim mamadhisvari

O Radha! You are my sole Ruler and only shelter. Countless gopis of Vraja swarm around Your lotus feet and worship them wholeheartedly. Your lotus feet are an inexhaustible fountainhead of the quintessence of universal love and are inconceivable to great saints. That is perhaps the reason why great devotees are striving with ever increasing courage and hope to catch the sweetness and beauty of the grace that flows from Your lotus feet. O Queen! Will You be pleased to show me the particular manner in which I should serve Your lotus feet?

atisnehaduccair api ca hari namani grnatah
tatha saugandhadyair bahubhi rupa carais ca yajatah
paranandam vrndavana manu carantam ca dadhato
mano me radhaya padamrdu lapadme nivasatu

Lotus chanting of the holy name of Lord Hari with love attracts my mind towards Sri Radha's feet. This attraction becomes very strong as soon as the delicious ingredient of Sri Radha's service is added to the chanting. Meditation on blissful Krsna as He roams about in Vrndavana has put me under the shade of the tender feet of kind Sri Radha.

kamam tulikaya karena harinayalatka kairankita
nanakeli vidagdha goparmani vrdai tatha vandita
ya sanguptaya tatha upanisadam hrd yeva vidyo tate
sa radha carana dvayi mama gatih lasyai kalilamayi

My only shelter is Sri Radhika's lotus feet which I yearn to worship with love and devotion. These lotus feet of Srimati Radhika are painted by Krsna's soft fingers with a feather dipped in the most fragrant red-colored juice. The gopis follow Krsna's example and worship the same feet for the happiness of all living entities. These feet are glorified in the Upanisads, and are found in the depth of the hearts of pure devotees.

vrndavanesari tavaiva padaravindam
premamrtaika makaranda rasau gha purnam
hrdyar apitam madhupate smaratapa mugram
nirvapayat parama sitala ma srayami

O Vrndavanesvar! O Sri Radhe! I pray for the shelter of Your lotus feet. Your lotus feet are treasure house of nectar of divine love. Syamasundara keeps them safely and dearly in His heart. These feet are the supreme cooling remedy for the blazing fires of this material world.

yadi snehad radhe disasi ratilam payata padavi
gatam me svaprestam tadapi mamnistham srunu yatha
kataksai raloke smita saha carair jata pulakam
sama aslisyamyuc cai atha ca rasaye tvatpadarasam

O dear Sri Radha! When out of sheer compassion, and moved by Krsna's overwhelming love for You, will grant Him His prayers to massage Your lotus feet? At that time, I shell look at the ecstatic smiling faces of both of You, and so encouraged I shall hug Your feet with my hands, and taste the nectar of Your lotus feet to my full satisfaction.

yasya aste bata kinkarisu bahusas catuni vrndatavi
kandarpah kurute tavaiva kim api prepsuh prasadotsavam
sadrananda ghananuraga lahari nisyanda padambuja
dvandve sri vrsabhanu nandini sada vande tava sripadam

O Vrsabhanu-nandini! I bow down to Your lotus feet with great awe and reverence, from which selfless love is ever pouring forth in abundance. In His ceaseless and tireless efforts to win Your grace, Sri Krsna, the God of love of Vrndavana and Supreme Almighty, always solicits the favors of Your servants with love and affection.

radhapada saroja bhaktim acalam udviksya niskaitavam
pritah svam bhajatopi nibhaira maha premnadhikam sarva sah
alingatyatha cumbati svavadanat tambulam asyer apayet
kante svam vanamali kamapi mama nyasyet kada mohanah

I know, and it has been confirmed by all reliable authorities that Madana-Mohana Krsna would be so ecstatically delighted to see pure devotion unto Sri Radha's lotus feet that he would descend from His worshipped throne to embrace, kiss, give His chewed betel nuts, and garland to Sri Radhika's devotee. When shall I be blessed with such devotion, getting such treatment from Krsna as my reward for devotion to Radha's lotus feet?

sat premasindhu makaranda rasau gadhara
sarana jasramabhitah sravada sritesu
sri radhike tava kada caranaravindam
govinda jivana dhanam sirasa vahami

O Radhika! When shall I enjoy the fortune of having my head used by You as Your footstool? Your feet, which are the life-treasure of Govinda, will then be a crown on my head. They will further bathe my head with a pure nectarine flood of love that always flows among Your devotees.

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Krishna's love for Radha

Krishna's love for Radha - an excerpt from Sri Prema-samput
by Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti Thakura

1. rase mayaiva vijahara vihaya sarvastatrapi
mam yadamucat srnu tasya tattvam
mam eva manturadhikam na kadapi mantuh

Srimati Radharani says to a sakhi “During the rasa dance, Sri Krsna gave up the company of all the other gopis and sported with Me alone, but after that He left Me as well, and I will tell You why. There is no fault in Vrajendra-nandana Sri Krsna, who is the ocean of prema. He accepts Me alone as His most beloved.

2. adhyasya mamatulasaubhagadivyaratnasimhasanam
gacchan vanad vanamariramadeva kantamanyam
punah smrtipathe ’pi ninaya nayam

“The basis of this statement is that Sri Krsna seated Me on a divine jewelled throne of matchless fortune, decorated Me with the ornaments of various playful pastimes, and enjoyed with Me as We roamed from one forest to another. At that time He did not remember His other beloveds.

3. kincinmayaiva manasaiva vicaritam tarhyetam
mahotsava sudhambudhimatyaparam
naivanvabhunmam sakhitatiravayoh sa
vislesasangaradhuta kva nu kim karoti

“Then, I began to think, ‘Alas, My sakhis are not able to experience this vast and fathomless ocean of ecstatic nectar. They are burning in the fever of separation from Me, and I do not know where they are wandering in their search for Me.

4. atrasvahe yadi punah katicit ksanasta
alyo milanti rabhasadabhito bhramantyah
ityabhyadham priyatamatha na paraye ’ham
gantum muhurttamiha visramanam bhajeva

“ ‘My sakhis are roaming about here and there, and if We sit here for just a moment, they will soon reach this spot and find Us.’ Thinking in this way, I said, ‘O My beloved, I cannot walk any more. Let Us rest here for a while.’

5. tanme manogatamidam sahasaiva sadhu
sarvam viveda sa vidagdhasiromanitvat
caturyya sampadatulo rasikagraganyah
kincit sapadyatha hrdaiva paramamarsa

“Sri Krsna fully understood My inner mood at that time, because He is vidagdha-siromani, the crest jewel of clever personalities. Being extremely cunning, and matchless in His ability to relish divine mellows, He thought to Himself,

6. etam nayannupavane yadi vambhramimi
sambhavitalyatiruja puruviddhacittam
kim syat sukham yadi dadhe sthitimatra gopyah
sarva mileyurapi tah kutilabhruvo mam

etam punasciramanekamupalabheran
bhangasca sampratika kelirasasya bhavi
sampatsyate ’dya nahi rasavinodanrtyam
tasu krudha nijanijam sadanam gatasu

“ ‘If Sri Radhika and I roam in the groves alone, She will not feel the slightest happiness. Rather, Her heart will be full of pain because She will be aware of the possible distress of the sakhis. As long as She bears such pain in Her heart there can be no pleasure in Our union. However, if I do stop here for a short while, the sakhis will be jealous of the fact that We are together. They will look at Me with crooked eyebrows and reproach Sri Radhika, thus interrupting the loving exchange between Us. Then they will all go home angrily, and we will not be able to delight in the räsa dance tonight.’

7. yat prarthitam svakutukena puranayaiva
saknosi kim nu kulajärvudalaksakotih
alingitum priyatam! ksanamekanvi
tyaste didrksitamidam mama purayeti

tasmadimamapi jahat palamatram eva
nirdusanam vinayinim prathamam vidhaya
mantum svamurdhdnyakhilam eva dadhamyrnisyam
tah snehayani nikhila api sarvatha syam

“O sakhi, Sri Krsna then thought further: ‘Previously Sri Radhika made this request: “O beloved, I desire to see how You embrace innumerable virtuous gopis at the same time. Kindly satisfy My curiosity.” If the rasa dance with the gopis is not taking place, Sri Radhika’s desire will not be fulfilled. Now, if I leave Radhika for a moment, that will remove Her pride born of good fortune. It will make Her humble and free from blame in the eyes of the
other gopis. I will accept all the blame. I will show the other young ladies of Vraja that the fault is all Mine, and not Sri Radhika’s. But if I leave Radhika, I will not be able to serve Her, and thereby reciprocate with Her affection for Me. As a result I will become indebted to Her, and all the gopis will become affectionate towards

8. vaislesikajvaramaparamatulyamasyah
sandarsya vismayamahabdhisu majjitanam
svapremagarvamapi nirdhunavanyathaina

“ ‘I will plunge the other vraja-sundaris into an ocean of astonishment by revealing the boundless and incomparable agony that Radhika feels when She is separated from Me. They will then come to understand the depth of Her prema for Me, and that will dissolve the pride that appeared in their hearts when they thought that I loved them more than anyone else. After that, all the gopis will firmly trust and believe that Sri Radhika is supreme and beyond compare.

9. sambhoga esa sakaladhika eva vipralambho
’pi sarvasatakotigunadhiko ’stu
tabhyam sucih paramapustimupaiti casyanta
hrepayatvalamimantu gurukarotu

“ ‘All the other beautiful young women will understand that just as the mellow of union (sambhoga-rasa) finds its absolute summit in Sri Radhika, so Her feeling of separation from Me is also incomparably higher than that of all the other gopis. Only in Radhika is the transcendental mellow of amorous love (srngara-rasa) nourished to the utmost point by union with Me and separation from Me. Thus the other vraja-sundaris will become ashamed, and they will clearly see Radhika as their guru.’

10. evanca setsyati madipsitamaikyamasam
rasakhyanatyamanu mandalatam gatanam
madhye maya saha ruca tu virajamanamenam
vilokya na bhavedapi kacidirsa

“ ‘When the other vraja-ramanis see Radha crying in separation from Me, they will become sympathetic towards Her. Then, all of them will come together to search for Me, and that is just what I desire. Finally, at the time of the rasa dance they will all dance in a circle, and they will not feel any jealousy when they see Me in the centre, with Radhika shining brilliantly by My side. Even though I will cause pain for Radha by abandoning Her for some time, She will experience the highest bliss when We meet again.’

11. ityattayuktirurasa sarasam vahan mam
gatva padani katicinmrdulapradese
atrasyatam ksanamapiti nidhaya tatraivaste
sma me nayanagocaratam jahat sah

“O devi, as My beloved was deliberating in this way, He tenderly lifted Me up and carried Me for a few steps. Then He put Me down in a soft place, saying, ‘My dear one, please sit here for a moment.’ At that point He disappeared.

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Catu-puspanjalih [Stavamala]

Catu-puspanjalih [Stavamala]

Rupa Goswami prays to Srimati Radharani in his Catu-puspanjalih [Stavamala] as follows:

"O Queen of Vrndavana, Sri Radha, I worship You. Your fair complexion is more resplendent than molten gold, the color of Your sari the hue of a blue lotus flower. Your beautiful braided hair is long and raven-black, its coiffure studded with many brilliant gems, like the shining black hood of a cobra.

"Even the beautiful lotus in full bloom or the rising full moon offers no comparison to Your breathtaking face, for it is much more exquisite. Your shining forehead is marked by a tidy saffron tilaka.

"The arches of Your elegant eyebrows put to shame Cupid's bow. Your cascading black tresses sway, and the dark mascara on Your roving eyes makes them look like restless black partridges.

"Your fine nose is decorated by a ring studded with the noblest pearl, and Your lips are more charming than bright red tulips. Your sparkling, even teeth are like rows of spotlessly white jasmine buds.

"The golden earrings that dangle gracefully from Your ears like a pair of Laburnum flowers are inlaid with many precious gems. The gentle cleft of Your delicate chin is decorated with a dot of musk, and an intricately bejewelled necklace sparkles on You with regal splendor.

"Your nicely formed arms are like lotus stems, adorned with fine and precious gems, and the two armlets inlaid with blue sapphires softly jingle with Your slightest movements, pleasing all ears with their sweet music.

"Your hands are beautiful and soft, like the lotus, and Your fingers are decorated with rings mounted with precious jewels. Your breasts are adorned with a large necklace finely set with stones and gems.

"The central jewel of Your regal necklace sits atop a line of dark gems that grow gradually larger in size. One could mistake it for a black snake carrying a gem on its hood. You are slender around the waist, and Your belly is concave because it must carry the burden of Your full breasts. It is marked by three lines like entwining creepers."

"A tinkling girdle of gold inset with precious stones adorns Your broad flaring hips, and Your shapely thighs put to shame the pride of the golden trunks of banana trees.

"Your kneecaps are so delicate and well-formed that they are far more attractive than round golden caskets studded with gems. The ankle-bells on Your finely formed feet sing an eternal melody, and the pink lotuses that blossom in autumn bow their heads in ardent worship to the beauty of Your lotus feet.

"The brilliance of millions upon millions of full moons pales before the opalescent nails of Your lotus feet. Innumerable ecstatic symptoms are Your natural embellishments, and You become stunned and perspire freely when Your yearning sidelong looks from afar intimately traverse Krsna's body. Uncontrollable erotic waves overcome You, and when You meet with Your beloved Krsna You are swept away in a surge of sublime ecstasy. O Queen of Vrndavan, You are the reservoir of all divine qualities, and I therefore worship Your lotus feet.

"O Srimati Radharani, all the symptoms of the very highest ecstasy, maha-bhava, become simultaneously manifest in You, and Your heart is benumbed. You are the ocean of unlimited transcendental emotions found only in perfect heroines, and everyone is amazed when You exhibit these ecstatic emotions.

"All the charming and captivating traits which make a heroine perfect are offering their obeisances to Your lotus feet in silent praise. The great beauty Laksmi-devi, the goddess of fortune, is humbly praying to attain residence on the toenails of Your lotus feet.

"You are the crest jewel of the damsels of Vraja, an eternal resident of Gokula, the most beloved object of the gopis. Your gentle smile acts as the life sustaining salve for Lalita and other sakhis.

"When Your roving eyes glance on Krsna with a sidelong look, it acts on Him like a drop of ambrosia, maddening and inciting Him with love. You are the apple of Your father king Vrisabhanu's eyes, and the soothing rays of Your moonlike activities exhilarate him.

"Your heart is like an ocean which is overflooding with waves of compassion. Therefore, O Radhika! Shower Your mercy, and be pleased with this person who is begging to become Your maidservant.

"O Radha my mistress! When will I be fortunate to see that after a lover's quarrel, when Krsna tries to pacify You, His indignant lady-love, with sweet cajoling words, in which He is truly expert, and begs You for a lovers' tryst, You are really pleased within but nonetheless turn Your face away and look at Krsna from the corner of Your eyes.

"O Divine Lady! Will that day ever come? When Lord Krsna, who is adept at everything, strings a charming garland of myrtle blossoms and slips it over Your head and His electric touch sends waves of ecstasy pulsating through You, and You begin to perspire profusely, when will I be fortunate enough to gently fan You with a palm leaf fan?

"O divine Lady! O beautiful Queen! When after Your hours of pleasure with Krsna Your intricately made-up hair becomes dishevelled and You need someone to set it properly again, when will You instruct this maidservant to do this service?

"O Divine beauty with cherry lips! Will I be able to see the wonderful dalliances between You and Krsna? When I place betel-nut pan into Your lotus mouth, Krsna tries to take it out of Your mouth and chew the same pan.

"O Srimati Radha! Among all the beloved gopis of Krsna You are His most cherished jewel. Therefore kindly be pleased with me and quickly shower Your mercy by including me amongst Your family members.

"O Queen of Vraja! I beg repeatedly at Your lotus feet for Your compassionate grace. Please allow me to become Your maid-in-attendance (sakhi) and confidante, so that when You become indignant after a lover's quarrel Krsna will approach me, knowing that I am Your sakhi, and flatter me to take Him to You; then I will take His hand and guide Him to You.

"Anyone who reads this prayer, named Catuspuspanjali, dedicated to Radharani, the Queen of Vrndavana, with faith and devotion, will very soon receive Her mercy directly."

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Krsna praises the beauty of Radharani

Krsna praises the beauty of Radharani
(Ujjvala-nilamani by Rupa Gosvami)

Your curling locks of hair make these tilaka decorations drawn in musk useless and redundant. Your eyes are so beautiful that they make the two lotus flowers on Your ears wilt by comparison. The waves of the beauty of Your splendid smile has crushed Your necklace into dust. O Radharani what is the use of You wearing all these decorations. You are already splendidly decorated by the beauty of Your limbs. These other decorations are simply a useless waste of time.

O doe-eyed Radharani, the beautiful luster of Your limbs mocks the splendor of jeweled mirrors. Even though Lord Brahma searched the entire universe, he could not find anything as beautiful as You.

Your face is as beautiful as the full moon, Your chest is splendidly decorated with beautiful large breasts, Your arms are nicely connected to Your shoulders, Your waist is the size of my hand, Your hips are broad, and Your gently tapering thighs are very lovely. O Radharani, no other thing is as beautiful as Your charming transcendental form.

O Radharani, when it rests against Your large waterpotlike breasts, this white lotus bud appears like a golden campaka flower. When You hold it in Your beautiful palm decorated with red sindura, it appears like a red kokanada lotus, and when it is placed in your curling locks of hair it at once appears like a blue indivara lotus flower. In this way this white lotus bud, the friend of the bumble-bees, assumes the appearance of these three different flowers.

All glories to Your wonderful, ruby-red silk sari. O Radharani, this sari has doubled the passionate love I bear for You in My heart. Moving through the air in waves of sweetness, the tinkling sounds of your's ankle-bells silences the cooing of the sarasa birds maddened with amorous passion. That tinkling sound fills My heart with a host of ecstasies.

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Pranama to Sri Krsna and Sri Radha

Pranama to Sri Krsna and Sri Radha

he krsna! karuna-sindho! dina-bandho! jagat-pate!
gopesa! gopika-kanta! radha-kanta! namo ’stu te

I offer my unlimited pranamas unto You, O Krsna! You are the ocean of mercy, friend of the fallen, Lord of creation, and master of the cowherd community! You are Gopi-kanta, beloved of the gopis, and above all You are Radha-kanta, the beloved of Srimati Radhika!

tapta-kancana-gaurangi! radhe! vrndavanesvari!
vrsabhanu-sute! devi! pranamami hari-priye!

O Gaurangi, whose complexion is like molten gold! O Radhe! Queen of Vrndavana! O daughter of Vrsabhanu Maharaja! O Devi! O dearmost of Hari! Pranamas unto You again and again!

jayatam suratau pangor mama manda-mater gati
mat-sarvasva padambhojau radha-madana-mohanau

All glories to the all-merciful Sri Radha-Madana-mohana! Although I am lame, foolish and devoid of intelligence, Your lotus feet are my refuge and my everything!

presthalibhih sevyamanau smarami

I meditate upon Sri Sri Radha-Govinda-deva, who are seated beneath a kalpa-vrksa tree on an effulgent bejeweled simhasana in the supremely beautiful land of Vrndavana, where They are always being served by Their beloved sakhis, headed by Lalita and Visakha.

sriman rasa-rasarambhi vamsivata-tata-sthitah
karsan venu-svanair gopir gopinathah sriye ’stu nah

Sri Gopinatha, who originated the transcendental mellow of the rasa dance, always stands beneath the Vamsi-vata tree, attracting all the kisori-gopis with the sound of His flute, thereby showering me with auspiciousness.

namo nalina-netraya venu-vadya-vinodine
radhadhara-sudha-pana-saline vana-maline

I offer pranama unto He whose eyes are like lotus flowers, who merrily plays the flute, who is expert in drinking the nectar of Radhika’s lips, and who is adorned with a garland of forest flowers.

krsnaya vasudevaya haraye paramatmane
pranata-klesa-nasaya govindaya namo namah

Time and again I offer pranama unto Sri Krsna, who is the son of Vasudeva, and the remover of His devotees’ material attachments.
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Sri Radhe-Krsna's playful pastimes (vihara)

Sri Radhe-Krsna's playful pastimes (vihara) - Kosi(Kosivana)

Once, Sri Krsna was so eager to meet Srimati Radhika that He knocked on Her door. From inside the house, Srimati Radhika asked,"Ko'si?(Who are You?)"

Sri Krsna replied," I am Krsna."
The word krsna also happens to mean "black snake". Radhika therefore said," If You are a black snake, then why come here? Do You want to bite me? Go to the forest. You have no purpose here."

"No Priyatama, I am Ghanasyama."
Radhika decided to take ghanasyama to mean "black cloud". "If You are a black cloud, then You also are not needed here." She answered. " Do not shower rain here and muddy My courtyard. Go to the forests and fields to discharge Your rain."

"Priyatama, I am Cakri."
Cakri also means "potter". Radhika therefore said," There is no need for a cakri here. No wedding festival is being held in My house. Take Your clay pots and find a marriage celebration."

"Priyatama, I am a Madhusudana."
Radhika intentionally took the meaning of madhusudana to mean "bumblebee" and said," If You are a madhusudana, then quickly fly from here to a flower-garden and drink the nector of the flowers. There is no flower-garden here."

"Come on, I am Your beloved Hari", Krsna insisted.
Radhika interpreted hari as "monkey" or "lion", and laughingly replied," What is the need of a monkey or a lion here? Do You want to scratch Me? Quickly ran away to a dense forest. We are all scared of lions and monkeys here."

In this way, Srimati Radhika jokes with Her beloved Hari. May They be pleased with us. The place of this joking pastime is called Kosivana.

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Story of Lord Krishna

Story of Lord Krishna - SRIMAD BHAGAVATA by Krsna-Dwaipayana Vyasa

Krsna Pleases His Devotees

1. Next, after assimilating Uddhava’s report, Lord Krsna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the omniscient Soul of all that be, desired to satisfy the serving girl Trivakra, who was troubled by lust. Thus He went to her house.

2. Trivakra’s home was opulently appointed with expensive furnishings and replete with sensual accouterments meant to inspire sexual desire. There were banners, rows of strung pearls, canopies, fine beds and sitting places, and also fragrant incense, oil lamps, flower garlands and aromatic sandalwood paste.

3. When Trivakra saw Him arriving at her house, she at once rose from her seat in a flurry. Coming forward graciously with her girlfriends, she respectfully greeted Lord Acyuta by offering Him an excellent seat and other articles of worship.

4. Uddhava also received a seat of honor, since he was a saintly person, but he simply touched it and sat on the floor. Then Lord Krsna, imitating the manners of human society, quickly made Himself comfortable on an opulent bed.

5. Trivakra prepared herself by bathing, anointing her body, and dressing in fine garments, by putting on jewelry, garlands and perfume, and also by chewing betel nut, drinking fragrant liquor, and so on. She then approached Lord Madhava with shy, playful smiles and coquettish glances.

6. Calling forward His beloved, who was anxious and shy at the prospect of this new contact, the Lord pulled her by her bangled hands onto the bed. Thus He enjoyed with that beautiful girl, whose only trace of piety was her having offered ointment to the Lord.

7. Simply by smelling the fragrance of Krsna’s lotus feet, Trivakra cleansed away the burning lust Cupid had aroused in her breasts, chest and eyes. With her two arms she embraced between her breasts her lover, Sri Krsna, the personification of bliss, and thus she gave up her long-standing distress.

8. Having thus gotten the hard-to-get Supreme Lord by the simple act of offering Him body ointment, unfortunate Trivakra submitted to that Lord of freedom the following request.

9. [Trivakra said:] O beloved, please stay here with me for a few days more and enjoy. I cannot bear to give up Your association, O lotus-eyed one!

10. Promising her the fulfillment of this lusty desire, considerate Krsna, Lord of all beings, paid Trivakra His respects and then returned with Uddhava to His own supremely opulent residence.

11. Lord Visnu, the Supreme Lord of all lords, is ordinarily difficult to approach. One who has properly worshiped Him and then chooses the benediction of mundane sense gratification is certainly of poor intelligence, for he is satisfied with an insignificant result.

12. Then Lord Krsna, wanting to have some things done, went to Akrura’s house with Balarama and Uddhava. The Lord also desired to please Akrura.

13. Akrura stood up in great joy when he saw them, his own relatives and the greatest of exalted personalities, coming from a distance. After embracing them and greeting them, Akrura bowed down to Krsna and Balarama and was greeted by Them in return. Then, when his guests had taken their seats, he worshiped them in accordance with scriptural rules.

14. Akrura bathed the feet of Lord Krsna and Lord Balarama and then poured the bath water on his head. He presented Them with gifts of fine clothing, aromatic sandalwood paste, flower garlands and excellent jewelry.  After thus worshiping the two Lords, he bowed his head to the floor. He then began to massage Lord Krsna’s feet, placing them on his lap, and with his head bowed in humility he addressed Krsna and Balarama as follows.

15. [Akrura said:] It is our good fortune that You two Lords have killed the evil Kamsa and his followers, thus delivering Your dynasty from endless suffering and causing it to flourish.

16. You both are the original Supreme Person, the cause of the universe and its very substance. Not the slightest subtle cause or manifest product of creation exists apart from You.

17. O Supreme Absolute Truth, with Your personal energies You create this universe and then enter into it. Thus one can perceive You in many different forms by hearing from authorities and by direct experience.

18. Just as the primary elements—earth and so on—manifest themselves in abundant variety among all the species of mobile and immobile life, so You, the one independent Supreme Soul, appear to be manifold among the variegated objects of Your creation.

19. You create, destroy and also maintain this universe with Your personal energies—the modes of passion, ignorance and goodness—yet You are never entangled by these modes or the activities they generate. Since You are the original source of all knowledge, what could ever cause You to be bound by illusion?

20. Since it has never been demonstrated that You are covered by material, bodily designations, it must be concluded that for You there is neither birth in a literal sense nor any duality. Therefore You never undergo bondage or liberation, and if You appear to, it is only because of Your desire that we see You in that way, or simply because of our lack of discrimination.

21. You originally enunciated the ancient religious path of the Vedas for the benefit of the whole universe. Whenever that path becomes obstructed by wicked persons following the path of atheism, You assume one of Your incarnations, which are all in the transcendental mode of goodness.

22. You are that very same Supreme Person, my Lord, and You have now appeared in the home of Vasudeva with Your plenary portion. You have done this to relieve the earth’s burden by killing hundreds of armies led by kings who are expansions of the demigods’ enemies, and also to spread the fame of our dynasty.

23. Today, O Lord, my home has become most fortunate because You have entered it. As the Supreme Truth, You embody the forefathers, ordinary creatures, human beings and demigods, and the water that has washed Your feet purifies the three worlds. Indeed, O transcendent one, You are the spiritual master of the universe.

24. What learned person would approach anyone but You for shelter, when You are the affectionate, grateful and truthful well-wisher of Your devotees? To those who worship You in sincere friendship You reward everything whey desire, even Your own self, yet You never increase or diminish.

25. It is by our great fortune, Janardana, that You are now visible to us, for even the masters of yoga and the foremost demigods can achieve this goal only with great difficulty. Please quickly cut the ropes of our illusory attachment for children, wife, wealth, influential friends, home and body. All such attachment is simply the effect of Your illusory material energy.

26. Thus worshiped and fully glorified by His devotee, the Supreme Lord Hari smilingly addressed Akrura, completely charming him with His words.

27. The Supreme Lord said: You are Our spiritual master, paternal uncle and praiseworthy friend, and We are like your sons, always dependent on your protection, sustenance and compassion.

28. Exalted souls like you are the true objects of service and the most worshipable authorities for those who desire the highest good in life. Demigods are generally concerned with their own interests, but saintly devotees never are.

29. No one can deny that there are holy places with sacred rivers, or that the demigods appear in deity forms made of earth and stone. But these purify the soul only after a long time, whereas saintly persons purify just by being seen.

30. You are indeed the best of Our friends, so please go to Hastinapura and, as the well-wisher of the Pandavas, find out how they are doing.

31. We have heard that when their father passed away, the young Pandavas were brought with their anguished mother to the capital city by King Dhrtarastra, and that they are now living there.

32. Indeed, weak-minded Dhrtarastra, the son of Ambika, has come under the control of his wicked sons, and therefore that blind King is not treating his brother’s sons fairly.

33. Go and see whether Dhrtarastra is acting properly or not. When We find out, We will make the necessary arrangements to help Our dear friends.

34. Thus fully instructing Akrura, the Supreme Personality of Godhead Hari then returned to His residence, accompanied by Lord Sankarsana and Uddhava.

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Necessity of a Guru in our life

Necessity of a Guru in our life

A Guru is absolutely necessary for every aspirant in the spiritual path. God teaches through the human enlightened body of a fully realized Guru. The Guru is the pattern into which you should mould yourself. Guru is the door to spiritual liberation, but it is the aspirant who has to enter it through niskama karma -righteous words, thoughts and actions performed without the expectation of results. Also a total surrender, a strong faith and a firm devotion towards the Guru is needed. The Guru will then be able to absorb part of your previous bad karma -dark energies that reside within your soul, due to errors commited in the past and that hinder spiritual liberation- and purify your soul. He will remove pitfalls and obstacles, leading you along the right path towards enlightment. The disciple should not rest satisfied with the transmission of knowledge and Light from the Guru. He will have to struggle hard in sadhana -spiritual disciplines- for further perfection and attainments. He must be a person full of love, humility, compassion, patience, endurance, forbearance; he must perform service to others without the expectation of positive results or any kind of reward.

It is important to realize that the more spiritual evolution the seeker attains for himself, through positive actions, faith, surrender and devotion towards God or to a fully realized Guru, the more responsibility the seeker has in the spiritual arena and minor mistakes in life can have profound effects in spiritual evolution.

The Guru can transform the disciple by a look, a touch, a thought or a word, or mere willing. Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa touched Swami Vivekananda and by his grace Swami Vivekananda had supra conscious experience though he had struggled hard for the rest of his life in order to attain perfection. We must always keep on working -righteous thoughts, words and actions- no matter the spiritual level attained, remembering that the more we get, the more we shall be asked in exchange. Without the grace of the Guru, it is very difficult to evolve spiritually. To light a candle, you need a burning candle. An illumined soul alone can enlighten another soul.
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Sri Prathama Kunja-vihary-ashtaka

Sri Prathama Kunja-vihary-ashtaka
[Set of Eight Prayers Glorifying Lord Kesava, Who Enjoys Pastimes in the Forest of Vrindavana]
by Srila Rupa Gosvami

Krsna who is called Syamasundara, is the beautiful color of a cloud. His lotuslike face as effulgent as the sun, His dress brilliant with jewels, and His body garlanded by flowers, He is the object of the ideal yogi's meditation.

  krishnalabhir akrisorasi hari
  sundaro jayati kunja-vihari

All glories to Sri Krishna, who enjoys transcendental pastimes in Vrindavana forest. His complexion is as splendid as sapphires, He wears kadamba-blossom earrings, and His broad chest is decorated with a garland of gunja.

  caruto jayati kunja-vihari

All glories to Sri Krishna, who enjoys transcendental pastimes in Vrindavana forest. He is the cakora bird who drinks the moonlight of Sri Radha’s face. He steals away the composure of all the gopis. Skillfully clapping His hands in the rhythm known as carcari, He dances very gracefully.

3.sarvatah prathita-kaulika-parva-
  dhvamsanena hrita-vasava-garvah
  goshtha-rakshana-krite giridhari
  lilaya jayati kunja-vihari

All glories to Sri Krishna, who enjoys transcendental pastimes in Vrindavana forest. After stopping His relatives from performing the famous Indra-yajna sacrifice, He removed Indra’s pride and protected the people of Vraja by playfully lifting Govardhana Hill.

  vibhramena madanotsava-samsi
  stuyamana-caritah suka-sari-
  srenibhir jayati kunja-vihari

All glories to Sri Krishna, who enjoys transcendental pastimes in Vrindavana forest-pastimes that are glorified by the male and female parrots. By decorating His flute with many beautiful melodies, He glorifies the festival of His transcendental amorous love.

  ranjano jayati kunja-vihari

All glories to Sri Krishna, who enjoys transcendental pastimes in Vrindavana forest. The luster of His silk garments eclipses the glory of gold. The top of His head is decorated with a peacock feather. He pleases the splendid girls of Vraja.

  kunjaro jayati kunja-vihari

All glories to Sri Krishna, who enjoys transcendental pastimes in Vrindavana forest. He is anointed with fragrant sandal paste. His hips are decorated with a golden belt. He is the elephant bound by the rope of the beautiful face of Sri Radhika.

  adri-kandara-griheshv abhisari
  subhruvam jayati kunja-vihari

All glories to Sri Krishna, who enjoys transcendental pastimes in Vrindavana forest. His forehead is splendid with golden tilaka made from mineral pigments. His campaka garland moves to and fro in His pastimes. He meets the beautiful-eyebrowed gopis in the palatial caves of Govardhana Hill.

  nagaro jayati kunja-vihari

All glories to Sri Krishna, who enjoys transcendental pastimes in Vrindavana forest. His dancing sidelong glances make the gopis drop all their household duties. He is the charming lover of Vrishabhanu’s daughter, who is mad with love for Him.

9.ashtakam madhura-kunja-vihari-
  kridaya pathati yah kila hari
  sa prayati vilasat-para-bhagam
  tasya pada-kamalarcana-ragam

He who reads these eight verses, which are beautified by the Lord’s charming pastimes in the forest, will attain many splendid transcendental virtues. He will become attached to the service of the Lord’s lotus feet.

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Sri Radhe-Krsna's playful pastimes (vihara)

Sri Radhe-Krsna's playful pastimes (vihara) - Chatravana & Umrao

Here, Sridama and other sakhas seated Sri Krsna on a throne and declared Him the exalted king(Chatra-pati) of Vraja. Sri Balarama sat on Krsna's left side, and began executing the duties of minister of state. Sridama held an umbrella over Krsna's head; Arjuna fanned Him with a camara; Madhumangala sat in front of Krsna and acted as court jester; Subala offered Him betel-nuts; and Subahu, Visala and some other sakhas assumed the roles of subjects. Through Madhumangala, Chatra-pati Maharaja Krsna proclaimed through the land," Maharaja Chatra-pati Nandakumara is the sole emperor here. No one else has claim to any authority. Daily the gopis destroy this garden(Chatravana); therefore they should all be punished."

When the sakhis heard Sri Krsna's proclamation, they complained to Lalita about Him. Lalita became angry and said," Who is that person who dares to claim authority over Radhika's kingdom? We will retaliate against Him." Saying this, she seated Radhika on a beautiful throne and pronounced Her to be the undisputed queen.(Umrava)

Citra sakhi held an umbrella over Radhika's head, and Visakha fanned Her with a camara. Lalita sat on Radhika's left as Her minister of state. One sakhi offered Her betel-nuts and the remaining sakhis acted as subjects. Sitting on Her throne, Radhika ordered the sakhis," Go and defeat the person who desires to usurp My kingdom. Bind Him and bring Him before Me." 

Recieving the order of their Umrava, thousands and thousands of sakhis with flower-sticks in their hands left for battle. When Arjuna, Lavanga, Subala and Madhumangala saw them approaching, they fled in all directions. One clever sakhi, however, caught Madhumangala, bound him with a flower garland, and brought him to the lotus feet of Umrava. Some gopis slapped Madhumangala's cheeks a few times and said," What audacity you have to try to unlawfully seize the authority of this kingdom from our Umrava? We will punish you right now." Madhumangala bowed his head low like a defeated general. "That is only befitting." he said. "We concede defeat, but please hand down such a punishment that my stomach will be filled." Maharani Radhika started to laugh and said," This is just some gluttonous brahmana. Release him." The sakhis filled his stomach with laddus and let him go.  

Madhumangala returned to Chatra-pati Maharaja Krsna and, petending to cry, gave Him a detailed report of his humiliating detention. Hearing this, Krsna together with Madhumangala and the sakhas invaded Umrao. When Srimati Radhika saw Her prana-vallabha Sri Krsna, She became quite embarrased and quickly tried to take off Her royal dress, but the sakhis, laughing, would not let Her do so. Madhumangala seated Chatra-pati Sri Krsna on Umrava Radhika's right side. They both made a treaty in which Krsna's accepted Srimati Radhika's sovereignty. Madhumangala folded his hands before Srimati Radhika and said," The kingdom of Krsna's body is now under Your rule. You can take whatever You desire from Him". Participating in this pastime filled the sakhis and sakhas with bliss.
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