Delicious Banana Peels


Once Krishna went to Vidura's house. Vidura was Krishna's devotee, and was also very affectionate to Arjun and his four brothers; in fact, on several occasions he had saved them from great danger. Because of this, Krishna was very fond of Vidura. When Krishna got to Vidura's house, Vidura was not there, so Krishna pleaded with his wife Vidurani," Oh, Vidurani Maiya, I am so hungry! Please give me something to eat." Vidurani was very affectionate to Krishna and she was anxious to serve Him. She began to offer Him bananas, but in her confusion, she threw away the fruit and gave Him the peels. Krishna affectionately accepted the peels, and relished them joyfully. They tasted sweeter to Him than all the preparations and offerings made in Dvarka by His chief queens Rukmini and Satyabhama.

While Krishna was completely absorbed in accepting Vidurani's offering of banana peels, Vidura came in. He was astonished at what he saw and exclaimed,"Oh, Vidurani! What are you doing?" Krishna tried to caution him," Don't speak to her. She is not in her external senses. She is fully absorbed in transcendental love and affection." Vidurani however, came back to external consciousness when she heard her husband speak, and she soon realised what was happening. Then she began to give Krishna the fruit of the banana, and throw away the peels. Krishna was a little disappointed. "Oh! The fruit is not as tasty as the peels were." From this pastime, we can see that Krishna never became hungry. He does not want to taste banana, or rabadi, or milk, or anything. He just wants to take the essence of all fruits. What is the essence? It is simply love and affection, the mood of bhakti in the offering.

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