Meditate on Sri Hari enjoying His repast in the company of cowherd-boys in a forest-bower on the banks of the Jamuna. He is seated cross-legged under the fabled tree which fulfills all desires. He possesses a colour as blue as the cloud, His effulgence illuminates the entire universe, He wears a beautiful cloth of yellow colour, His body is painted with sandal-paste and other sweet smelling ingredients, His eyes are extended up to the ears, the ears are adorned with a pair of earrings, His lotus like face is blooming through a sweet smile, a necklace consisting of the kasturbha gem is hanging from His neck, the beauty of His ornaments is enhanced by the lustre of His body, a garland of forest flowers is suspended on His chest, He has conquered the dark age of Kali through His glory, a cluster of humming bees surround His head adorned with the beautiful seeds of gunja( Abrus precarious).---Acharya Sankara
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