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  • jagannath swami nayan patahgami bhvtume
  • hare krishna

    mataji prnam

    jay jagannath
  • Radhe Radhe! =)
    Your blogs and stories are as beautiful as you!
    They bring happiness to me when i read them!
    Hope you are well and fine, Have an excellent day!
    Hare Krishna!!! <3 =)
  • Radhe Radhe mata ji. those up storis are very baeutiful .i like it. hare krshna
  • Didi Thank You So Much :)))))))))))))))) It will Brings Me More Closer To Divine Lord , Radhe Krishna ,, Jay Shree Krishna ,, Hari Bol
  • Barsana wali ki Jai Jai Jai
  • jai shri radhe , jai shri krishna , jai shri vrindavan
  • hare krsna matji..:)

    anyways the ladu gopal is so beautiful with excellent decoration:)
  • Hare Krishna ''Mataji
  • Hare Krishna ''Mataji
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