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  • Hare Krishna
    Thanks u very much for the comments on deity photos...
    You can copy and paste in your profile, i don't mind.
    Hari Bol..
  • Thank you for your Radhey Radhey comment! Amazing photos and Videos you share with everyone! Thank you!
    your Servant,
    Jayasri Radha
  • Thanks
    Radhe Radhe.
  • Hari bol, dandvat.... HARE -KRSNA
  • hare Krishna
  • Hare Krishan
  • Hare Krishna Maa..

    i am very low in consciousness, mind is corrupted with ill thoughts, knowing that only the holy name of lord can save me but still not doing chanting. Mind roam all around, and too filthy...

    Give ur blessing
    Santosh Kumar
  • Hare Krishna
    Thanks for ur wonderful messages
    keep posting
    srimathe ramanujaya namaha
    radhe radhe
  • Hare Krishna..mataji where are you from??
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