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  • Hare Krishna..mataji where are you from??
  • Hare Krishna
  • thank mataji for pray
  • Hare Krishna

    Thanks a lot for adding me in ur friend list and photo comments
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    hare krsna,
    these are the transcedental dities from sri dham mayapur - sri sri radha madhav jiu. this is boat festival observed in march- april in every iskcon temple. this the mayapur srila prabhupad samadhi's lake.
    I appreciate your inquiries s krsna tells in bhagvat gita 4.34, to inquire relevant things.
    hari bol
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    hare krsna.
    srila rupa manjari means sripad rupa goawami, who is known as the father of devotional service. written more than 4 lakh books! that was his samadhi, at the extreme left. Devotees are gathering daily in large number in the divine courtyard of sri sri radha damodar mandir, sri vrindavan dham to take his transcedental blessings. Please read my blog "Rupa goswami" for more knowledge. I will take consideration from know to name the images. thank you very much.
    ys. kartik
  • radhe radhe ji
  • hare krishna mataji
  • Hare Krishna Mataji

    Thanks for adding me as your friend. Your posts are really inspiring and full of transcendental knowledge. Please continue the service.

    Your Humble Servant,
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