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  • where r u from
  • my plesure
  • Radhe radhe
  • Hare Krishna, how r u? Bhakti sastri course is a course where you study and do essays and exams on the following
    Bhagavat Gita chapter 1-18
    Necter of devotion
    Sri isopanisad
    Necter of Instructions.
    its exactly like any course, you can pass from grade A-D or fail Grade D-G, and you get certificate etc, for the exams ur required to memorise various slokas and stiff that u studied. if you want to then u can do another course called bhakti vaibhava wich is the next level up, in that they study the srimad bhagavatam. and then there is next level up the course, if you want too continue, bhakti vedanta and then bhakti sarvabhama. it gets difficult as it goes. i dont think i'll be continueing, im struggling on bhakti sastri already, lol, n e way hope that answers your question,
  • Hare Krishna
    thanks for ur messege, sorry for the late reply, how r u, hope ur well
    radhe radhe

  • Haribol
  • radhe radhe....
  • and nice snaps
  • as i want to learn more from u all devotees
  • and thanx 4 being my friend
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