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  • It is beautiful way to describe one itself and yes Distress and Happiness are not forever like soul leave the body and body is temp home, which have to leave for sure. Like sri Srilaprabhupada said, sorrow and anger is just a feeling and desire for hapiness is too just a feeling, which comes and go as we? Like Lord Krishna told Arjuna in the RunBhumi about his duty toward his birth and death cycle in a form of angry manner but it was too "temprary" Hare Krishna
  • Hare Krishnaaaa
    How is bhakti going on..
    Nice to see you on Iskon desire tree..
    Keep me in your prayers..
  • send your e-mail address at I like your nature and love to lord krishna and their devotees. I am also one of the devotee of lord krishna and like people most who love lord krishna and want to live and go vrindavan.
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  • Radhe Radhe, what a nice photo, r u send me on my plz mataji
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