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  • mataji 2day i may com at iskcon in d eve................hope 2 meet u..............
  • haribol.........................
  • Volunteer
    Hare Krsna!!
    Wish you a very happy KC b'day, May lord krsna n smt radha rani bless you always. & this is your last birth in this material world.
    Hari Bol
  • Now what is the meaning of MOKSHA. Human beings suffers a lots of at the time of birth and death. we are forgotten when we take birth and feel more more and more suffers at that time. After taking 8.4 millions births now krishan gives us this human birth. we suffers 16.8 millions times as taking the birth or death. we were animals. we were birds but now we are human beings at this birth. If this birth we forget lord krishan we have to go in next birth of animals or birds. And after 8.4 millions births we will get human body. Because a human body can serve that almighty lord krishan.
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  • Hare Krishna
  • hare krsna...
    please accept my respectful obeisances....
    thanks for adding..
    hare krishna...hari hari bol.
  • Hare Krsna. Wow, Vrndavana! Hope you had a wonderful experience. Nice to hear from you. Ask Sarvo to take pity on this fallen soul and write to me. Hari bol.
  • Hello again. I just looked at your profile. Are you Sarvopama's wife? I'm happy to meet you. Please write back, and ask Sarvo to write to me again, too. I'm a lonely lost soul here in Kenosha. You both are very fortunate to be living in India and serving the Deities. I'd like to hear all about your life there and your experiences. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! Jaya Radha Damodara!
  • hare krsna mataji all glories to srila prabhupada
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