Krishna...!How much has been said about him? And yet, how much remains unsaid? How many perspectives to this one man? How many faces? How many colours? How many different roles?What we have undergone Krishna knows. What Krishna has undergone, none of us know!He had been a fish!He had been a tortoise!He had been a boar!He had been a lion!He had been a man bound with anger and vengeance, as Parasurama!He had been the Perfect Man, as Lord Rama!He not only knows how it is to be a man. He also knows, how it is to be a woman!He has subjected himself to pregnancy and has given birth to Swami Iyyappa!He knows the pain and joy of being a mother!If you are a teenager, fallen in love, you can look unto him. RadheShyam, knows how you feel!If you are a lover who is seperated from your beloved, SitaRam knows your longing!If you are dealing with your enemies, you can look unto him for strategies!If you are an artist, you can look unto him for nuances!He knows, how it is to worship. He knows, how it is to be worshipped.He is a musician, a warrior, a philosopher, a ruler, a political strategist, a mystic, a cow herd and a charioteer.What is in Krishna, you can find anywhere else.But what is not in Krishna, you can't find anywhere else.The Holy Gita is about transcending,from the limited to the unlimited!From transitory to the eternal!From bondage to freedom!It is not just about transcending. But also about enjoying the process!It is not just about traveling from earth to heaven, but also about enjoying the journey!And Krishna is a Master in this!We are ordinary humans. We are bound by hunger, thirst, love, hate, anger, agreability, pain, pleasure, desire, aversion and much more.Krishna is the supreme Lord. He has bounded himself in all these! And, he has transcended back to the unbound state, over and over again.He knows how it is to be imprisoned in the body. And he knows how it is to feel free, in the cosmos at large!He has bound himself a number of times and unbound himself as many times!This is why I like to look upon God Almighty, as Krishna.Krishna did not just create the universe and stay away from it, intervening only to give boons and punishments.He participates in it! Shoulder to shoulder! Rolling up his sleeves and tucking in his shirt, he gets down to work with us. Gives us demonstration. He experiences our pleasure and pain. He sings and dances. He fights his enemies and romances women. He eats, sleeps and breathes like all of us. He performs and gets rewarded. He flaws and pays the price.What ever he preaches to Arjuna as Krishna, he had practised with sincerety in his previous incarnation, as Rama. That is why Lord Rama, never performed any miracles except for the liberation of Ahalya. And even that happens without Lord Rama's conscious effort. Because as Lord Rama, he wanted to be a role model for men. He put himself in a state that is equal to that of a human being. And did all that is expected of a human being in his creation.What we have undergone, Krishna knows. What Krishna has undergone, none of us know!That is what makes him qualify, to be the teacher!A respectable teacher, when you realise his experience!A lovable teacher, when you realise that it is the God Almighty, who had subjected himself to such experiences, for the simple reason that he did not want to give something to us without tasting it first!

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  • very well said ultimate...... thanks..... hare krsna
    • Simple and heart touching words......... thank you for sharing.
  • Really trancendental words & thoughts!!! Hari Bol!!
  • mindblowing.....thnk u so much for sharing this....hari hari bol !!
  • Absolutely wonderful!!!
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