VIDYA NEELAKANDA IYER replied to Nikita Bharti's discussion Chanting rules for women during menstrual cycle
"hare Krishna mathaji...
The greedy bhramins you mentioned about it is correct, because the bhagavatam says, in Kali yuga, men are known as bhramins just by the thread they wear, and they do not follow any prescribed duties of bhramanas..
Mathaji, do…"
May 15, 2019
VIDYA NEELAKANDA IYER replied to Radha Krishna Das's discussion Hare Krishna
"Hare Krishna prabhu...

it was very nice of you to share how krishna was merciful to you... 
and also your worship to lord Shiva didnt go in vain because it was Lord Shiva who guided you to Krishna... Shiva being a pure devotee of Krishna and the gr…"
May 15, 2019