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Missing Jaganatha ji

Hare Krishna

I am having homesickness at the moment . But unfortunatly i am not missing my family but infact Jaganath. We visited Puri dham during Ratha yatra and it was a amazing feeling. Now that we are back i am ready to go back. I have jagan

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How Do I Help Someone

Hare Krishna Dandavat Pranams

I have a friend who seems to be very negative in thinking. It has been 15 years since i know him but always gets into these depressive situations. how do i help him. I have asked him to chant and he does but doesn't bel

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All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Gurudev

I was asked by a friend who has been aspiring . She was told by her guru that she was already considered his disciple and initiation was just a formal thing. She has not been formally initiated yet.


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Tulasi vivah

All glories to Srila Gurudev and Srila PrabhupadaDo we fast for Tulasi vivah? Is it a full day fast or till noon?Thank youDandavat pranams

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Reading About Krishna

All glories to Srila Prabhupad and Srila Gurudev

Is reading about krishna a devotional service? I have very less information on many thing so i need to read to understand. Please help

Hare krishna

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