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  • Thank you and Hare Krishna. I have never been to a temple or met a devotee in person, so please accept my humblest apologies for not knowing the proper greeting. I live about six hours from a temple and my resources are limited. Thank you for making feel welcomed.

    Hair bol!


  • received your wishes with love

    i felt the same spark of wish for you

    with love and only love
  • Hare Krishna Sir ,Charan Sparsh  . I am very happy to find such a great man like you . A hearty thanks to you  for blessing me and accepting my friend request .

  • hare krishna prabhuji. thank you for the blessings. may krishna bless you too! :)  hari bol, radha radha, hare krishna

  • pamho prbhu g...dandvat prnaam,,hare krishna
  • Hare krsna,

    thank you sooo much

  • thank you so much!!! i hope i will advance in krishna consciousness with the help of devotees like you! :)


  • hare krishna and dandavats prabhuji. thanks for the wishes and wish you the same.

  • Dandavath Pranams prabuji, Thank you very much and wish you the same.

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