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  • hare krishna.
    dandawat pranam.
    all glories to srila prabhupada.

    The Bhakti-rasāmṛta-sindhu (1.2.232) quotes the Padma Purāṇa:
    yena janma-sahasrāṇi vāsudevo niṣevitaḥ |
    tan-mukhe hari-nāmāni sadā tiṣṭhanti bhārata ||232||

    "The names of the Lord remain constantly in the mouth of that person who serves Vāsudeva for a thousand births."

  • Sugar & Salt May b mixed together but even the ants reject the salt & carriers away the sugar...... So select the gud people & gud things in life......... alway chant the hare krishna mahamantra.....
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    Dandavat and Pranam Prabhu. Hare Krishna, take care, bye.
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  • NICE CLICCS,,,,,,,,,,,


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