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  • Pranam Mataji,


    Thanks for the wonderful pictures and video clip.Hare Krsna.


    Sid and Ran

  • Pranam mathaji,I feel very proud and very happy to see your long list of daily sadhana.thank you very my for videos.all are very nice.........expect more and more.....pleae send me nice pictures of krishna if you have enough time.....May LORD KRSNA bless you and your family......Hare Krishna



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  • Wonderful Krishna! ty
  • Hare Krshna. 

    Amazing to know that you follow such a regime of prayers. Great.

  • hare krishna
  • hare krishna mathaji hw mathaji  haribol...........
  • hari bol,,,,,,,,,,,,, mataji,,,,,,, Thanks a lot for ur kind support to the devotees in service of the lord,,,,,,,,,,,

    Let you be blessed by the mercy of guru and gouranga,,,,,,,,,, and above all srimathi radharani.............

    Radhe jaya jaya madhava daithe,,,,,,,,

  • Thank You Padmavati dd, Hari Bole!!!


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