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  • Hare Krishna
  • thank u 

    wer do u  live mataji???


  • hare krishna mataji

    dandvat pranam


  • harekrishna mathaji,thanks for your comments and please mail me your prayers list in text form,thankyou so much
  • thank you ,Hare krishna ,pranam.
  • thanks  mathaji for adding  vedios

                                                   jai sri krishna

  • Hare krsna mataji...Have you ever come to India(i.e vrindavan)???
  • You have a purpose that comes directly from your authentic
    Essence. Accept it, acknowledge it, explore it, and allow it
    To flow into every corner of your world.

  • Hare Krishna mataji,


    Thanks for your kind birthday wish.....:)

    Have a nice day....

  • hare krishna mata ji thanx for this vedio
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