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  • hare krishna prabhu how r u ?
  • Hare Krishna hare krishna krishna krishna hare hare
    Hare Ram Hare Ram Ram Ram hare hare
  • yes my dear prabhu why not please keep in touch. if you have any doubt or need to know anything from scriptures yo are welcome.

    krishner mati astu
  • Radhe Radhe!
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  • hari bol pr thx to add me
  • hari indeed is very attractive... the all attractive with the one he gets attracted to :)
  • Dear Jyothi Swaroop Prabhuji

    You are a fresh flower. This is the right time to get into Krishna Consciousness. Krishna likes fresh flowers. I do not qualify to say anything but still I would like say few words because of my crow nature that I shall pray almighty supreme personality of godhead KRISHNA and entire Guru Parampara to shower and bestow kindness and blessings on you.

    Hari Bol
    Mahabhadra Das
  • hari bol..thats a lovely picture of radha shyamsundar....thank you so much!! :)
    Dear Jyothi Swaroop Prbhuji

    You are a humbe person and this is the reason you liked the saying. I would like to confess with you that I am a egoistic & a hard person.Therefore I need your Blessings always. I also need association of all the Devotees so that I can serve them and purify myself.

    Servant of Servants
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