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  • Hare krishan ! Feel everytimes lord krishan is in your heart as well as in this universe everywhere & in everyone.

  • ..radhe krishna...
  • Sri govindutta pr is always busy as usual in developing congregation and youth preaching here. VKD pr is there to support him in all possible ways and trying to become a preacher. Balaji pr has mid-term exam going on. Yes, please visit us soon whenever its possible. You are welcome to stay at my place next time. I think you can visit us when Radhanath maharaj is visiting in May. I believe he is planning to stay for few days.

    Hare Krishna !
  • PAMHO ! Swaroop prabhu ki jai ! May lord krishna continue keep us in association from all different perspectives. Hare Krishna !
  • hare krsna 'm fine doing here by his mercy!!!! how abt ya???
  • hare krsna pamho!!!!!
  • Hare krishna Prabhu ,
    when r u cuming to sridham mayapur ? any plans ? plz let me know in advance so if u allow i can b with u in dham, & in kolkata also there is lot of place to visit like , Sila prabhupada's birth place, where prabhupada started first rath yatra , iskcon temple { 1st iskcon temple in india } & i invite u at my house at kolkata during ur kolkata visit.....
    Dandavat pranam.
  • Hare krishna Prabhu , my association ??? plz be alert.... ha ha ha .... ur frm a.p. rite ? what u do prabhu ? me working with Standard chartered bank in bangalore .... basically frm kolkata , very nr to sridham mayapur.... Dandavat ....
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