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Nowadays there is a whole genre of three Qs IQ,EQ,SQ....my question is whether iq/eq of a person determined by past karma...Can it be increased by spirituality(As Prabhupada says devotee is the most intelligent person..:)..??

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Work for Krsna

Hare krsna dear devotees, this is a main question...when i read or hear from devotees that we don't have to change our job but the conciousness behind the work....so immediately there comes a question in my mind...does that statement apply to a butch

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Prescribed Duty

Hare Krishna dear devotees....this is an important question....When Krishna says to Arjuna to do his prescribed duties.....what does that means to us....How can we find our prescribed duty today...like someone is engineer, doctor, cobbler, fisherman.

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Hare krishna dear devotees, I am a national level chess player but some devotees said that chess is gambling..Should I pursue my career as a chess player or am i breaking the four regulative principles?

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