Lectures are given by prabhus and matajis every single day all over the world. So why not discuss the lectures which are explained in a very detailed format. I would like to invite all of you devotees to participate in learning and thereby making an effort to know Krsna.

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  • Hare Krishna

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    Can somebody help me clarify my doubt.

    If narkasura was born to varaha avatar of vishnu and boomi devi in the treta yuga did he continue to live until dwapara yuga till he was finished by Krishna? If so why was he not mentioned anywhere inbetween narashimha avatar to ram avatar literary sources?
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    Thank you very much for accepting!! 

    Jai Gauranga!! 

    Jai Srila Prabhupada!! 

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One should slowly graduate to the level of appreciating the devotees.

From the lecture.. 2016-10-21_SB-10-86-55-59_-_Feeling_Need_to_Cultivate_Relationship_with_Devotees_-_Nanda_Dulal_Prabhu_ISKCON_ChowpattyA person who is eager to receive from Krsna cannot ever develop the social aspect of the personal form of the Lord. If he is not interested in you then what can you do? You yourself have four defects. You are suffering from or bound by the three modes. It is only when I see that here is a person who is dear to Krsna and probably in this life, if I spend some…

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The importance of developing the attitude of giving others rather than wanting from them.

From the lecture.. 2016-10-21_SB-10-86-55-59_-_Feeling_Need_to_Cultivate_Relationship_with_Devotees_-_Nanda_Dulal_Prabhu_ISKCON_ChowpattyWhy does the impersonalist want Krsna and only Krsna and nobody else? Because Krsna is the Supreme Lord and if Krsna is the Supreme Lord and I want something from Krsna and who can give me? Krsna can give me. So, He is the most powerful person and if somebody is in a wanting mode then he is thinking who can give me? He is a jivatma. He is a jivatma. Anu anu…

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Prabhupad teaches us that bhakti is complete when you develop a personal relationship with Krsna who is incomplete without His social circle.

From the lecture.. 2016-10-21_SB-10-86-55-59_-_Feeling_Need_to_Cultivate_Relationship_with_Devotees_-_Nanda_Dulal_Prabhu_ISKCON_ChowpattyOne time Srila Prabhupad had gone to one function where there was one photograph of Krsna in which He was single. There were no devotees around. Normally we don't find that. At least there is a cow. Even when they don't have Radharani next to Krsna, there is a cow, a peacock, a deer etc. If not anything there is a flute. But there was one photograph of Krsna…

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We are dependent on devotees to know Krsna.

From the lecture.. 2016-10-21_SB-10-86-55-59_-_Feeling_Need_to_Cultivate_Relationship_with_Devotees_-_Nanda_Dulal_Prabhu_ISKCON_ChowpattyIt's said that the gopis take great pleasure in uniting Radha and Krsna. They push Radharani towards Krsna. Why? Because when Radharani is there then Krsna ( in one sense He is the complete full) but He becomes more fuller when He is with Radharani.The complete whole is incomplete without Radharani. And then when more gopis come, when more devotees come then…

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