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World Holy Name Festival

Vaishnava Event

03 Sep to 31 Oct 2020 | Third Month of Caturmasya 

Third month: No milk 
Caturmasya stands for ‘four months’. It is the period between sayana and uttana ekadasis. The scriptures refer to this period as the duration of Lord Visnu’s sleep in this universe.
The main goal of observing Caturmasya is to decrease attachment to material things and to increase devotion to Krishna.

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18 Sept to 16 Oct 2020 | Purushottam Month

Adhik-Maas or Purushottam Maas is the extra Lunar month that occurs every 3 years 3 months and this month is considered to be very auspicious and dear to Lord Krishna.

During this Purusottama mass devotees perform following austerities/activities : 

1) Chant more numbers of rounds than regular days. 18-24-32-48-64 etc
2) Complete your fix chanting rounds in Brahmamuhurta (Before 7am.)
3) Sleep on floor (with proper bedding).
4) Get up before sunrise and take bath.
5) Attend as many as mangala arati in temple.
6) Follow celibacy (Brahmacharya) for month.
7) Offer ghee lamp to Lord 1 or 2 times in day and sing/hear Brahma Samita.
8) Read and Meditate on Bala-Lila from Krishna book, Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam. 
9) Do minimum 1 or 3 parikarama of temple daily/whenever you visit Temple and/or minimum 1 parikrama to pilgrimage once during vrata.
10) Visit Dham and take bath in Holy Kunda or River.
11) Eat regular meal but ones in day, afternoon time or evening time. (Health should not be compromise on the name of austerity.)
12) Avoid oil in food. Use ghee.
13) Give donation to temple as per your capacity.
14) Do some fix service/seva in temple as per your capacity/capability.

Glories of Purushottama Month

7940463853?profile=RESIZE_584x  Purushottama, the holy month, occurs once every three years - a period believed to be the most favourable for spiritual upliftment . It is also called mala masa (dirty month) by the performers of karma-kanda because they cannot get any material fruitive results from their worship during this month. Our acaryas elucidate that it is called mala masa because devotional activities performed in this month destroy the dirt and contamination caused by…
Read more…
7940326458?profile=RESIZE_584x We are thrilled to the core to bring you some wonderful news! We bring you the happy tidings of multiple benefits for every service rendered! The benefits will be increased by not twice or thrice, nor several times; nor or even a hundred times… Your benefits for each service rendered will be *multiplied by one thousand times!* Yes, you read right! One thousand times the normal benefits for every service rendered! Since there’s none of us that doesn’t need or want some…
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7940302883?profile=RESIZE_584x Gopal’s Glorious Gang (GGG) is a children’s club in Brisbane, Australia with about 80 children, from 4 to 16 years old. Our goal in forming this club is to help each child become a well-rounded human being through intellectual, personal and spiritual growth.

The children are divided into various classes based on age groups. The kids learn Vedic wisdom, play musical instruments, act in a variety of theatre performances, play Krishna conscious games, engage in…

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Enchanting History of Purushottama Month

7940356293?profile=RESIZE_584x The history of the extra (adhik) month of Purushottama, which occurs once in three years, is based upon a fascinating story from the Padma Purana. The eastern hemisphere of this planet follows a spiritual calendar based upon lunar calculations, wherein each year is divided into 12 months of 30 days each. Once, unexpectedly, an extra 13th lunar month appeared, & sought to be accommodated within the year. There was chaos! Human beings, including…
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Regarding COVID 19

Hare Krishna Prabhuji/Mataji Please accept my humble obeisances What should be done if a devotee gets affected by COVID 19?If the health condition is unstable /serious and if one gets hospitalised,how does one get accustomed to  the diet/food provided,routine,treatment etcPlease guide on how one should be prepared to cope with the physical and psychological distress ,especially if one is a devotee.🙏🏻Thank you Your servant   

Read more…
2 Replies · Reply by Samyuktta Kannan Sep 13

How Kali influenced Sringi ? ( from SB 1.17 AND SB1.18)

Hare Krishna,I am looking for an answer to the question in subject line. Need help.Sb 1.17.38/39 -> We can see that Maharaj Parikshit gave Kali permission to reside in places where gambling, drinking, prostitution and animal slaughter were performed and the 5th place where there is gold. Sb1.18.35 Purport says: the personality of Kali got the opportunity to reign through this son of a brāhmaṇa, Śṛṅgi. My question:  How Kali influenced that brahman as Kali was only permitted to reside in 5…

Read more…
6 Replies · Reply by Prakash Sep 13

My failure of chanting

Hare krishna prabhuji s & matajis,I meet iskcon at 2012 and till I am unable to do chanting because of my health problems but I cannot chant and read loud of srila prabhupad books.i read silently with eyes and I write hare krishna Mantra on one paper and I see and by mind I read that and I have small feature phone in that I put srila prabhupad hare krishna kirtan with attention I hear that and feel happy. Do iam getting progess in bhakti .From one year I am watching hare krishna tv but I don,t…

Read more…
3 Replies · Reply by Bhakta Krishna Das Singh Sep 12


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