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After 20 years I was visiting my native village, Yelamba in the interiors of Maharashtra. My mind was anticipating so many things. Again meeting my grandparents after such a long gap would be quiet exciting. After alighting from the bus I instinctively chose the dirt road towards our old house. While walking briskly my mind was rushing back to the time 20 years back. The memory was fresh as yesterday. How in my school days I would eagerly wait for the holidays so that we could vis

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As I write this article there are pictures on the news of hundreds on people lying on the ground simulating the unjust death of George Floyd, a black man, by an officer of the law. People on the streets all over the country are demanding action, demanding that the police be reformed, defunded and/or disbanded. Cries of “racism” echo throughout the land. In the news, some of the talking heads are saying it’s “a few bad apples” and others warn of a more systemic problem. Is it individuals on the

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अध्याय ग्यारह -- भगवान रामचन्द्र का विश्र्व पर राज्य करना

1 श्रील शुकदेव गोस्वामी ने कहा : तत्पश्र्चात भगवान रामचन्द्र ने एक आचार्य स्वीकार करके उत्तम साज समान के साथ बड़ी धूमधाम से यज्ञ सम्पन्न किये। इस तरह उन्होंने स्वयं ही अपनी पूजा की क्योंकि वे सभी देवताओं के परमेश्र्वर हैं।

2 भगवान रामचन्द्र ने होता पुरोहित को सम्पूर्ण पूर्व दिशा, ब्रह्मा पुरोहित को सम्पूर्ण दक्षिण दिशा, अर्ध्वर्यू पुरोहित को पश्चिम दिशा और सामवेद के गायक उदगाता पुरोहित को उत्तरदिशा दे दी। इस प्रकर उन्होंने अपना सारा साम्रा

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8778582257?profile=RESIZE_584xBy Damodarleela dasa, Maharashtra Padayatra leader

The Maharashtra Padayatra reached Pandharpur dhama on January 26, 2021. We were welcomed at the entrance of the dhama by the devotees and our spiritual master, Lokanath Maharaja. It was a great moment. I jumped from the chariot to offer my obeisances to Gurudev and as I stood up, he put a garland around my neck. I felt so humble and thought the perfection of my life is pleasing him, because padayatra is the heart of our spiritual master.


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By Subroto Dasa

The care for the resident devotees is of foremost importance and to ensure this ISKCON Mayapur has initiated the launch of Free Covid Relief Prasadam service for all the devotees infected by Covid and their family members. Prasadam will be delivered at their doorstep by the volunteer devotees in disposable containers.

In a note released by the Management “Devotees who wish to register for this service will need to send their Covid test report to us via Whatsapp message and they

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9th April 2021

To HRH Queen Elizabeth and family

It is with great sadness that we of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness write to you today, on the passing of Prince Phillip.

Throughout the years we noted how dedicated he was to the betterment of British society, and humanity at large, a principle which we also, in our humble way, are trying to contribute towards. He tried extensively to establish and support projects for the welfare of the people in general and touched the live

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6955223694?profile=RESIZE_400xNo time to be personal, I have my “to do” list. How can we help and encourage each other if we don’t take the time to know each other? There must be friendship among devotees and the time and space to develop it. Examples of friendship from the scriptures, Sudama, Arjuna etc. What is in our way is the tendency for impersonalism.

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ārādhyo bhagavān vrajeśa-tanayas tad-dhāma vṛndāvanaṁ

ramya kaścid upāsanā vraja-vadhu-varga-vīrya kalpita

śrīmad-bhāgavatam amalaṁ purāṇaṁ premā pum-artho mahān

śrī-caitanya mahāprabhor matam idaṁ tatradaraḥ na paraḥ

“It is the conclusive opinion of Lord Caitanya that the most worshipable form of the Lord is that of Śrī Kṛṣṇa, the son of Nanda Mahārāja. Vṛndāvana Dhāma is the topmost worshipable abode. The highest and most pleasing type of worship of Kṛṣṇa is done by the vraja gopīs. Śrīmad-Bh

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अध्याय दस – भगवान रामचन्द्र की लीलाएँ

1 श्रील शुकदेव गोस्वामी ने कहा : महाराज खटवांग का पुत्र दीर्घबाहु हुआ और उसके पुत्र विख्यात रघु महाराज हुए। महाराज रघु से अज उत्पन्न हुए और अज से महापुरुष महाराज दशरथ हुए।

2 देवताओं द्वारा प्रार्थना करने पर परम सत्य भगवान अपने अंश तथा अंशों के भी अंश के साथ साक्षात प्रकट हुए। उनके पावन नाम थे राम, लक्ष्मण, भरत तथा शत्रुध्न। ये सुविख्यात अवतार महाराज दशरथ के पुत्रों के रूप में चार स्वरूपों में प्रकट हुए।

3 हे राजा परीक्षित, भगवान रामचन्द्र के दिव्य कार्यकलापो

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“I was distributing on a sidewalk at an intersection in Barcelona, Spain. Every day I would try to stop the same young lady, but she would ignore me. One day I walked with her a few meters, pleading with her in a friendly way: “Come on! Just take one book!” Pointing to the Teachings of Queen Kunti I was holding, I said, “Here, please take the teachings of the queen!”

But to no avail; she wouldn’t stop.

“However, the next day when I saw her she humbly approached me and asked, ‘Can I buy the Teac

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To Get a Call by Bhaktimarga Swami


It’s nice to get a call, like the following, once in a while (it’s paraphrased).

“Hi! I just wanted to introduce myself. I am Jorge. I live up north, have a family, work at a factory. Right now, as we’re talking, I am walking my two dogs on a forest trail that I frequent almost every day. I have a mother who is a devout Christian and, as I grew up, I would accompany her to services; so I appreciate the tradition very much.

“It was a friend of mine who introduced me to the Bhagavad-Gita. I’m rea

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In my youth, I came to Krsna consciousness and I had lots of energy and I used it all with a lot of enthusiasm to do many things. The focus was on doing things for Krsna – doing service. I tried to do a lot of service. In the cause of doing service, I did step on a few toes here and there. I did elbow a few people out of the way or knock them over. What shall I say? But these things were secondary to me because the things that needed to be done in devotional service were the most important. But

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In his Discourse on Sanskrit and Its Literature, given at the College of France, Professor Bournouf states, “We will study India with its philosophy and its myths, its literature, its laws and its language. Nay it is more than India, it is a page of the origin of the world that we will attempt to decipher.”

In History of Ancient Sanskrit Literature , Max Mueller observed, “In the Rig-veda we shall have before us more real antiquity than in all the inscriptions of Egypt or Ninevah. . the Veda is

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Labeling Body Parts by Satyaraja Dasa


In an article entitled “Born to Bun: Labels to Tell Meat’s Life Story” (New York Daily News, April 4, 2013), journalist James Warren informs us about the Obama administration’s recent move to get new information on food labels in the supermarket, specifically on meat products. They now want to let consumers know where the animal was born, raised, and slaughtered. Might this be too much information?

The USDA argues that such labeling is a step toward transparency, benefiting consumers on many le

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My mother’s cultural training and my wife’s sincere prayers diverted my blind march towards hell and brought me to the lotus feet of Krishna.

Life centered on religion was common in India until a few decades back, and I happened to take birth in a religious family. My father had participated in India’s freedom struggle. A man of great discipline and integrity, he acted without greed and envy and was always inclined toward social welfare. My mother, too, was a role model in our village. She ta

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अध्याय नौ अंशुमान की वंशावली 

1 शुकदेव गोस्वामी ने आगे कहा : राजा अंशुमान ने अपने पितामह की तरह दीर्घकाल तक तपस्या की तो भी वह गंगा नदी को इस भौतिक जगत में न ला सका और उसके बाद कालक्रम में उसका देहांत हो गया।

2 अंशुमान की भाँति उसका पुत्र दिलीप भी गंगा को इस भौतिक जगत में ला पाने में असमर्थ रहा और कालक्रम में उसकी भी मृत्यु हो गई। तत्पश्र्चात दिलीप के पुत्र भगीरथ ने गंगा को इस भौतिक जगत में लाने के लिए अत्यंत कठिन तपस्या की।

3 तत्पश्र्चात माता गंगा राजा भगीरथ के समक्ष प्रकट होकर बोली, “मैं तुम्

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perfection of human life

The perfection of human life is attained by following three principles of civilization: protecting the cows, maintaining the brahminical culture and, above all, becoming a pure devotee of the Lord. Without becoming a devotee of the Lord, one cannot perfect one's human life. The perfection of human life is to be elevated to the spiritual world, where there is no birth, no death, no disease and no old age. That is the highest perfectional aim of human life. Without this aim, any amount of material

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8772266899?profile=RESIZE_584xVideo: Click here

Honouring Srila Prabhupada’s beloved sister. Commemoration of the anniversary of Pishima’s disappearance. Srila Prabhupada’s daughters ANANGA MANJARI Devi Dasi & SRUTIRUPA Devi Dasi, who both had personal association of Pishima, share never before heard pastimes.

“Pishima embodied true devotion and deep wisdom. Our blessed time together transformed me into a more authentic person and Vaishnavi. I am forever grateful.” ~ Ananga Manjari Devi Dasi (ACBSP)

Source: http://www.dandav

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We need each other


In this time of social upheaval, how do we build bridges across differences? How do we inspire a shift in mindset on an individual, organizational, and global level? A dialogue facilitated by Gauravani Das with Sastivar Das (ACBSP) and devotees from the Urban Center in Washington D.C. (IFAST) – Madhavacharya Das, Ekavira Das, and Jagannatha Pandit Das.

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By Lilasuka dasi

Every temple, project and school in the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) is required to have a trained and active Child Protection Team (CPT). CPT’s have two main functions – to help prevent and to respond to child abuse concerns in local ISKCON communities. CPT’s have the special focus of helping local management implement policies that enhance safety, including screening those in positions of trust; awareness training for adults and children; and resp

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