We wait for trains, planes and summer rains

we wait in line all the time,
we hold our breath and wait for the score
we wait as a loved one moves to breathing no more
We wait wondering what it’s all about
this life between birth and death and throughout
We wait as we chant for the ego to lift
We wait as we serve for love as the gift
We wait before judging, trusting the good
we wait for grace, knowing we should
Too often we wait till the end of our life
to question the craziness, question the strife
too often we panic when waiting is there
don’t run, wait, and all will be clear
Waiting for Krishna makes everything sweet
no matter how trying the obstacles we meet
never give up, wait with cool head
chant and serve with love it’s said
For one day this existential wait will end
this feeling of not being at home,
of not being complete,
of being bound in time, hands and feet
Wait for the time to come to be free
That wait, is where our waiting should be.


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