8531407652?profile=RESIZE_584xSo, let us just look at the phone. Because that is the issue of the day. It is the phone that is being used in the name of pushing on this movement, that is destroying this movement. It is a crisis, an addiction. Very addictive thing. Try not to touch it and see how long you can. How long can you not touch it? Do not touch it! There, we can see how it creeps in little by little. We are using all these electronics in the service of Krsna. And then these electronics are taking over our life and gradually begin to take us away from Krsna. How much are we touching the touch screen and how much are we touching our beads?

Source: https://www.kksblog.com/2021/02/touching-screen-or-touching-beads/

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  • Hare Krishna,
    Please accept my humble obeisance unto Your lotus feet.
    Maharaja, your holiness has hit the nail on the head. But how to overcome this? There must be some strong medicine. Shoul we go back to Srila Prabhupada books, and also chant more?
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