Vaishnava cloth is in the mode pure goodness.

   So let’s understand how modes look like:

   Ignorance is the state of sleep, laziness, in food for example in pomegranate the seed is in ignorance and fleshy part is in the mode of goodness; banana most parts are in the mode of goodness. Because it is easy to eat it even not washing, just removed the skin and one can eat. Also it is soft, not too much hard…lemon has little more sour taste which shows that it is in the mode of passion for much extent.

   In this way to be too thin is in the mode of passion, but to be too fat is in the mode ignorance. To have around one centimeter fat under the skin is in the mode of goodness.

   Too cold weather is ignorance and passion.

   So in this way our clothes also belong to particular modes of material nature. If we do not wear using Vedic knowledge we may damage our subtle and gross bodies. How? Because our body is a bulk of billions of cells moving around the soul; and the main element of their proper movement is air – prana. Proper movement of that prana – air is so important that if in some places it does not move properly in that place appears sickness.

   Problems like kidney stones, back pains, headache, cancer…all are because of improper movement of the prana in the body.

   Also our body is tightly connected with other planets in this universe; and gets particular energy from each planet. Every part of our body is ruled by a particular Deity – Demigod. So there are 33 million Demigods and all they are involved in this service.

    So our cloth should help prana to move properly and also let those energies from other planets come to our body and give strength. But because we do not know this science we create so many dress styles which are in the reality decrease our life span.

   It says that especially sewed cloth is cutting down the connection between those planets. Different shapes on the cloth also play enough big role. Many geometrical circles cut down energies coming from other planets. The same is with other geometrical images. The best is to have Devine images on the cloth. They are like yantras. Shapes. So they also play big role.

   Also the best cloth is cotton and silk. Why? Because silk and cotton cells are open in between and while washing water enters in between the cells and washes all dirt out. But in other chemical clothes dirt is not removed completely. And when there are dirt in our cloth it means again, we lose strength. Why? Because impure places are adored by those impure living beings like raskshasas and other subtle living entities. But purity is strength.

   Also cloth should be washed daily. But can we do that with present day jackets, jeans, …? Little bit difficult.

   That thing is good which can be used again and again for different purposes. For example, cow milk is in the mode of goodness. Why? Because it never spoils. Even if spoils one can use it for making bread or cheese. If spoils too much then one can use that for cosmetic purposes or just for nourishing plants. So it never spoiled and wasted. Multi usage – that is the mode of goodness.

   In this way saree or dhoti for men are coming directly from the culture of spiritual world. Nowadays it is used only in India but in the reality this type of cloth is universal and far beyond this universe.

   Why? Because saree for example, does not have any size so mother, grandmother and daughters also can wear and exchange among themselves. Economically it is good.

   There is no problem in buying and doing a shopping. Just went to the shop, chose color and bought! Even men can do for their wives or vice versa. So it is practical. Saves time and energy.

   Vaishnava cloth is constructed in such a way that in cold time it is not so cold because one can cover her shoulders with the corner of the saree. Again practical! In hot days one can again cover head from the Sun. Also the stomach is open for a nice air conditioning.

   Nicely covers all needed parts of the body not allowing lusty desires to appear at a glance. Even in men. So it is not idle cloth. Women care for men by covering their bodies and men care for women covering their own bodies properly – in the mode of goodness.

   We do not obey to such rules given by God Himself and suffer crying: “oh why I am so lusty??? Oh why I have so many problems with my health….???”

   So it is our own ignorance and laziness.

   Saree and dhoti are like milk; they can be used for many purposes. When they get old housewives can use them as a cover for beds, or even curtains or simple cloth for different purposes. It is as like having golden plates. In Vedic times people were intelligent and very economical. Not so much wastage of food and other elements of Mother Earth. They used to use gold plates and when there was need for money they just could sell those plates and get whatever they needed.

   And at least this cloth is called as “Vaishnava Cloth” wearing which we will remember about Vaishnavas in Spiritual World. And of course please Krishna.

   So why not to try that?! Pure goodness?!


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