This Mind (Poem)

This Mind


Why, must I, possess this mind,

It adheres to anything, of any kind.

No prudence it exhibits, no strength of will,

It fails to remain, unattached and still.


From my duties, it makes me shy,

From works auspicious it diverts my eye.

My ally or enemy; its true nature’s unknown

For fickle it was, and even more, it's grown.


Not all is bad, and sometimes, I admit,

Virtuousness, even steadfastness, arise in it,

But a mere second later, its focus starts to sway,

A single temptation and it is led astray.


Impermanent pleasures, it seeks to gain

From the equally transient, it feels much pain.

Their cyclical nature, it fails to see,

This rollercoaster ride, so sickens me.


Incessant desires, it strives to feed,

The legacy of a past, filled with greed

Inextinguishable, like the flames of Hell,

And insatiable are they, like a bottomless well.


And yet a doubt, beggars itself aloud,

This mind so proficient, with skill endowed,

Is sensual quest its only goal,

Or was it ordained for another role?


Perceiving, analyzing, in rain or fall,

It is this same mind that reveals to all,

The material world, in 5 wondrous ways,

Its work exceeds all form of praise.


If by some means, I could contrive,

This impetuous mind, to aptly restrain,

How magnificent t’would be, to be alive!

There’d be no loss, only all to gain!


The Sacred Books too, pledge their word,

That this restless horse, can be curbed.

With a bridle of quality, hitherto unknown,

Borne of great effort, entirely my own.


Unequal in strength, this bridle must be,

Demanding great care, in its creation by me.

Sloth if I evince, or disregard detail,

Alas! My venture will be doomed to fail!


This bridle must be, its each golden rein,

Embedded with the sound, of His Holy Name,

Loving Service to Him, its creation must involve,

Emblazoned with the mark of deep resolve.

Forged with Faith, unshakable and steady.

Add Spiritual Knowledge, and my bridle is ready!

With Devotion if done, I hope to find,

His Mercy and Blessings, within entwined.


Harnessed by this bridle, glorious and strong,

My mind will truly, in nature, transform,

From vicarious foe to my loving friend,

And thus my woes will finally end.


For now my mind, disciplined, will be,

In the journey of Life, my trusty steed,

My every want, it’ll cast aside,

And cleave unto my every need.


Riding thus, unwaveringly, carried by my mind

That blissful Supreme Path of Devotion I shall find.

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  • Hare Krishna prabhuji, Wow!!! that's just amazing poetry!!!kudos to your mind!!!

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