The Gita solves all problems

I would like to share an interesting thing that happened with Brahmankar
Prabhu and me. A few years back, an employee of Refinery named Laxman, who
was also a pujari in a Shani/Ayyappa temple in one of the interior slum
areas of Vashinaka, invited us to do book distribution during one of the
biggest festivals in December organized by his temple.

Many people were expected, so we were very hopeful. We took books in all
languages and with great difficulty reached the temple area, located on a
hill with narrow lanes. Our car could reach only up to a certain point. We
carried boxes of books to the spot.

We stayed at the stall for two to three days. Laxman used his influence and
requested many guests to take the Gita and other books by Srila Prabhupada.
He announced the books many times. But there was minimal response. We
distributed hardly any books. We thought it is one of those fruitless
efforts, but we were happy that we did some books and forgot about it.

After three years, the same Laxman started taking a couple of Gitas from
Brahmankar every day.

Brahmankar asked Laxman about this, and Laxman said, “Many people in the
areas come to me with a lot of problems. I tell them all only one thing:
'Reading the Gita will solve all your problems.' ”

Many of them happily came back to him and said their problems were resolved
after reading the Gita.

Within three days, recently he sold twenty books. It's really amazing. Three
years back we toiled hard to give out books on his invitation and could not
succeed. Now the same person is selling them fast. And the best part is his
faith in the Gita.  We are so amazed and at the same time blissful about
Srila Prabhupada's unending mercy.

Remuna Dasa
Chowpatty congregation
HPCL colony

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