By Radha Mohan Das

The Janmashtami festival held at Bhaktivedanta Manor was unsurprisingly not the usual with more than 30,000 attendance with tents, shows, exhibitions and plenty of free prasad. The temple did the best they could within the parameters of present government restrictions: They introduced a 'pre-booked ticket' system for darshan, spread over a number of days. 

One of the highlights of the festival is always the drama on the main stage by the Bhaktivedanta Players..

This year the drama was a little simpler than the usual extravaganza that is normally associated with their performances.  

The Birth of Lord Krishna was performed for 30 resident devotees who also took part, rather than the traditional cast members. It was of course broadcast live online.

Over 200 saw it on the day and it was directed by Jaya Krishna das.

The devotee who played Devaki, an English bhaktin named Abby, asked her mother watch it online. She quickly sent her feed-back: 

"That was so so good. Brilliant acting and directing and costume and set all round. Very very impressed. Loved it and know even more now." 

Here's your chance to watch it too, with this link:


Source: https://iskconnews.org/the-bhaktivedanta-players-adapt-and-soldier-on-during-the-pandemic,7487/

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