Stretch and Walk by Bhaktimarga Swami

One way to address the dreaded coronavirus is to build up your strength and resistance.  I hear that many of the victims of the disease are travel related.  I believe that if you put your “pedal to the metal” through walking in some good air, you are being very proactive.  Frankly, I do not hear much about boosting the health in these diseased times.  The virus might be contracted more indoors.  Maybe we are not spending enough time in nature’s security—the out-of-doors.

I actually started my day with stretching, through the use of the time-tested surya namaskar.  Also known as the sun salutation.  I completed my prescribed number of changed mantras, and then began those ‘sun’ stretches in a corner of the temple room, where we execute our devotions beginning at 4:30 a.m.  I felt great after two rounds of stretches.  I also reflected on those gorgeous sculptures of the yogis doing those moves and poses in the Delhi International Airport, the embarkment port for coming back home.

Secondly, for further physical and mental appeasement, I took Corrado with me for a walk.  “Are you ready for an hour and a half stroll?”

“Yes, sure!”

And so we ambled along for a kilometre, stepping along streets and sidewalks.  When we came to the railing on Yonge by the Liquor Control Board, Corrado had a dark flashback.  “I was on my bicycle and it was here that a motorist struck me.  I ended up with blood everywhere on the streets. The ambulance came. I got stitches. It was hard to know what happened.”

I felt for him. Once again it was confirmed to me that walking is superior to other avenues of travel.
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