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Spiritual Apathy…why?

It does not take long to realize, after writing a thing or two.. about a spiritual thing or two, to see that the greater audience of devotees are apathetic…especially when talking about the true goal of Krishna consciousness, developing pure love of Krishna. For true, it is not a flower in the sky… it is a million times more real than you presently are, or could ever imagine yourself to be. Because you without association, you default into prakriti bhakti…. Materialistic mind set attitude toward devotional service. Putting aside the real goal… and busy yourself with a long list of material goals…. So even if someone trys to pry your heart open with beautiful words and declarations of happiness and even a nice kirtan or two, on a pretty day in North Carolina….afterwords….apathy….just apathy.

What, and only what, can change this apathy into spiritual greed is the right association, getting your soul dipped daily in Krishna’s holy names… hearing spiritual topics daily, discussing spiritual topics daily, and being in like company away from the apathy of those who just aren’t interested, or who are too overwhelmed by controversy and fault finding.

Far from the dark clouds of apathy is the fire of greed. Next to Prema, greed for Krishna is the single most greatest blessing bestowed by Lord Caitanya. It propels the soul unrestrictedly toward the goal of Krishna darsan. No thing, no one, and no obstacle is too large, to keep you away from Him, if the fire is really burning…. We have the opportunity in this life to get that greed for Krishna, but that fire for attaining Him has to be lit by someone whose fire is already blazing. Association is the primary principle of separating oneself from apathy. One who has Krishna is carrying a most desirable person, because he knows how to kindle the fire of attachment for Krishna.

Lord Caitanya’s message of pure love for Krishna is real, and attainable even, and especially by the souls in Kali Yuga. He has condensed the nectar into a most delicious formula, of chanting and dancing… As Locana das Thakur says…. “do not think this chanting and dancing will not bring you to the desired goal…it will, it is the assurance of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu” The great boon of Kaliyuga , with all its nasyiness, is the chanting of the Holy Names. It will bring the most fallen to the lotus feet of Radha and Krishna very quickly. This is assured. Assured by our great Srila Prabhupada, and all the great acaryas.

Apathy flourishes in an environment of faultfinding and offences. If you want to close the door on your spiritual progress, nothing can do it faster than faultfinding, or living amongst those who fault find. By that association, (and throw in a few of your own offences), you will feel hopeless and apathetic in no time. Your chanting will diminish, and the hope of getting Krishna prema will diminish to the point of “impossible”. “Impossible” is pure apathy. Now only one thing left….material desires…and material plans…

If this sounds like you, and you might want to alter that course, then a visit to the Valley may be in order. Apathy does not live here. Only optimism and love and trust, and that will cure those ills….

Still tapping away… I sure am glad that I took that “typing 101”elective in high school. Just see how far ahead Krishna plans things…. Your servant because of his mercy…. Gadidas …. On call always….

The “Essence Drinker” is coming….it’s only about Lobha. 


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