This year marks the 50th anniversary of the incorporation of the International Society for Krishna

Consciousness (ISKCON) in New York by our dear Srila Prabhupada. As a special offering to His

Divine Grace, the ISKCON Perth Temple with the help of the congregational devotees had planned

to hold one program every day on the Holy Name during the 18 day span of the celebration.

1. Opening Special Kirtana

Thursday 28th July represents the actual day of ISKCON’s 50 years - the astrological day when

ISKCON was incorporated exactly 50 years ago. To commemorate such a special day and to reflect

on Srila Prabhupada's great gift to us and to the whole world, an evening Kirtana session was held

at the Temple. This was then followed by a wonderful video about “The Life and Contribution” of

His Divine Grace.

2. Street Harinamas in Perth City

This time, the WHNW 2016 offered us the

opportunity to have at least 3 Street Harinamas in

Perth City on Friday 29th July, 5th and 12th August during

the duration of the event.

Another Harinama on Saturday 6th August was

added to the list as the planned Park Sitting Harinama

at the Esplanade, Fremantle, had to be cancelled

beforehand because of the forecasted bad weather. To

everyone’s surprise, it turned out to be quite a bright

sunny morning and the Harinama did attract a fairly good attendance. This was just one of the

unlimited tricks of the Supreme Lord.

Also, on Sunday 14th August – the last day of the

WHNW 2016 celebration, a special Harinama was

organised in the Perth CBD in view to commemorate the

first ever Sankirtana that stepped into the public outside

India. Srila Prabhupada had then led a group of initial

devotees to the Washington Square Park in New York in

August 1966 to hold ISKCON’s first public Kirtana.

By coincidence, the Universities of Australia

happened to have an Open Day for their Science Fair on that Sunday 14th August along James Street

Mall next to the Perth Cultural Centre. The Sankirtana Party had to make its way through the crowd


to the amazement and joy of all the onlookers. May be it was the desire of Their Lordships Sri Sri

Gaura Nitai that the Holy Name be distributed to those fortunate souls.

3. Mantra Meditation Yoga

On Saturday 30th July, a session on Mantra Meditation Yoga was organised at the Belmont

Community Centre. The attendees were introduced to the concept of Yoga whereby technics were

demonstrated to develop the proper mood to set us up for the bliss of meditation.

They were then initiated to the chanting of the Maha Mantra – the perfect means to connect

to the Supreme Lord and only way for deliverance from the miseries of the material world.

4. Bhakti Vriksha Vyuha Program

To date, the Perth Yatra has got quite a few Bhakti Vriksha groups running. The Sunday Feast

session on 31st July was restructured into a Vyuha Program whereby the various educational

facilities within ISKCON for the upliftment of our spiritual well-being were presented.

The highlight of the program was the award of a certificate of recognition to all the

participants of those different groups for their effort in regularly chanting between 1 – 16 rounds of

the Maha Mantra.

5. Evening House Programs

In order to complement the various activities over

the 3 week-ends during the WHNW 2016 celebration, a

series of House Programs were conducted during the 2

weeks from Monday 1st to Thursday 4th August and then

from Monday 8th to 11th August. The family hosts were

devotees of the Perth Congregation who were

approached either directly or via the Bhakti Vriksha


Those 8 programs, being during the week, were kept short and compact, where the focus

was on the Maha Mantra and the importance of chanting. We were blessed to have the association

of HG Sankarshan Nitai Prabhu and HG Ananda Mohun Prabhu from ISKCON Mayapur during 2 of

those evening programs.

6. 6 Hour Kirtana

A 6 hour Kirtana was organised at the Temple on Sunday 7th August in lieu of the normal

Sunday Feast Program. Starting at 1pm, it gave the chance to the local and aspiring kirtaneers to

display their talents for the pleasure of Their Lordships Sri Sri Nitai Sacinandana.

A 1-hour slot was, however, reserved for a class by HG Sankarshan Nitai Prabhu who gave a

wonderful exposé on the Holy Name. This was then followed by an ecstatic Gaura Arati getting all

present to sing and dance to the tune of the Maha Mantra.

7. Park Sitting Harinama

The planned sitting Harinama in Hyde Park, Perth City, on Saturday 13th August was

welcomed with a splendid weather to the delight of those

devotees who had pencilled that event in their diary.

Held next to Srila Prabhupada’s Tree, the set up

was such that the melodious and enlivening Kirtana did

catch the attention of almost everyone using one of the

main pathways through the Park by either slowing down

or even stopping for a minute or so. A book table with the

ISKCON 50 magazines was also put on display.

8. Special Sunday Feast

In order to conclude the WHNW 2016 celebration in a grand manner, ISKCON Perth had the

privilege to have the association of His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami during the Sunday Feast

Program on 14th August. Everyone present within the packed Temple had the opportunity to relish

the sweet Kirtana as well as a very informative lecture by His Holiness.

9. Acknowledgement

The WHNW 2016 organising team for the Perth Yatra would like to show its gratitude to the

ISKCON Perth co-presidents, HG Sita Ram Lakshmana Prabhu and HG Yadu Srestha Prabhu, for their

support before and during the event as well as to all the devotees who had in one way or the other

contributed their efforts thereto.

A special thanks also goes to the participants in the series of the Harinamas as well as to the

8 family devotees who had kindly accepted to host the evening House Programs.

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