REAL Test of a Devotee!

"In good times anybody can serve Krishna. Difficult times are a REAL TEST of a devotee.Sometimes because of our Karmas or something, the situation becomes very complicated. Krishna is just watching. He allows it to go on. But anyway nothing happens without His permission. When he sees that the devotee, even though in problem, is still thinking of Me and is wanting to serve Me, then he becomes 'purchased' and feels that this devotee is so determined to serve Me.If you want to impress Krishna, you should serve Him not only in the good times but other times also. In difficult times if we say, "Forget it, I won't serve", that kind of friend you can get anywhere. You can buy people like that. Real Devotee means, that you serve anytime and in any circumstance.Krishna promises He will protect you. He wants to see whether you believe Him or not. If He sees that this person even in distress is looking to Him for protection, then Krishna will protect. If he is not looking for protection, then why will He protect? We have to be fixed that we want Krishna's protection, then He will protect us, in His own way."
From the book: Vaisnava Vani Courtesy: Mathuradesh Publications
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  • Radhe Radhe,
    Great thoughts.

    Take care.
  • Thank you, I am now just in the same position and this post has given me strength and has shown me the right path. People often say, discuss such things when everything is fine but it is so difficult to keep it up in distressful conditions. Thank you very much again.
  • The only FREE WILL we have is BINARY FREE WILL. 1 or 0. Either we desire to go towards Krishna, or towards Maya. The rest is orchestrated by the material energies of the Lord. Desiring to serve Krishna and His devotees will remove us from the clutches of material energy. We have control of OUR DESIRES. Beautiful quote, "Sow a thought, reap and action. Sow an action, reap a Habit. Sow a habit, reap a character. Sow a character, reap your destiny." So it all starts with our thoughts, our desires. SO LETS ALL DESIRE TO ALWAYS BE IN THE SERVICE OF THE LORD AND HIS DEVOTEES FROM TODAY! :)
  • hare krishna priyanka.. well wat u said that everything happens by gods will..karam karo phal wo dega..dat is very true.. role of karma is that.. that though the lord is d cause of all causes, he still gives us d minute independence, afcourse everything is in his hands but by his causeless mercy he also gives us dis minute independence whether we want to serve him or we want to serve our senses..d choice is doubt the lord is d sanctioner but d desire is d lord is very merciful if he we desire to forget him he gives us chance to forget him..but if we desire to remeber and serve him always for dat also he will arrange..that is his causeless mercy. hare krishna
  • hare krishna PAMHO

    i just wanted to reply to priyanka's question. i heard this in several classes from maharajs, that the true devotee just depends on krsna and then krsna seeing this total surrender will reciprocate by taking charge of our journey back to God head. now karma are of two kinds with regard to the context, in other words they are spiritual or material... spiritual or trancendental i mean anything you do to please radhakrsna as service to them and anything you do to please your own senses are material karma, just like srila prabhupada exp[lained a flower is material but used for the adornment of the arca vigraha of krsna it becomes transcendental and called mahaprasad... likewise my dear make all your actions become mahaprasad and krsna shall take direct charge of your life, else it is maya's duty to look after your materialistic karma.
    that proverb you used is very right, do spiritual actions and krsna gives you progress on your spiritual life and do materialistic actions and krsna hin\mself represented by maya devi will make sure your materialistic desires are fulfilled by giving you an appropriate body in your next have the liberty as to that krsna assures it, he sees all with equal eye, you want me, come to me. you want meat go to the is democracy in Rama's kingdom
    all glories to vaishnavas
  • Hare Krishna...very true
  • Hare krishna
    i always feel that krishna with me every time but some times I feel very helpless& forgot to belive krishna with me. I feel so lonely &thinking why this happens to more think we says every things happens by god, then we say do karam karo phal vo dega, agar sab pehle se decide hai to karma ka kya role hai, clear me
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