By Madhava Smullen

In this gloomy time, there can never be too many sources of light. So it’s apt that on Diwali day (November 14th) this year, there are at least two new devotional songs set to be released. As well as Govinda Priya’s first single “Achyutam: Your Names,” another UK-based artist, Radhika Ranjana Das (affectionately known as Radhika Das) has announced his debut track Ram Sita Ram. 

“In my childhood I would hear ancient tales of Sita Ram and particularly Hanuman, the fiercely strong bhakta of Sri Ram,” says Radhika Das. “I was mesmerised by the way in which Hanuman goes above and beyond in love for his Dear Lord, and the beautiful example he sets of serving God, and his children with love.

“So as a tribute to Hanuman’s mood of service and love to Ram, I pray that this small musical offering can be of service in sharing the divine names of Sita and Ram with the world.”

Read more: https://iskconnews.org/radhika-das-spreads-joy-and-devotion-with-diwali-single-ram-sita-ram,7599/

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