Possibility of virtual kirtans

It is possible these days to have many users connected across the world singing/chanting/playing musical instruments at the same moment in time, from points across the world.How this can help devotees connect is left to your imagination.The most easy system for such a "synchronised real time jamming" is available as open source software called NINJAM. You would require just two basic softwares to install on your system, REAPER and NINJAM, and then you can connect to servers that support upto 10 users, and once connected, users can hear the sounds from their devotee friends, and add their own sounds. The possibility of having such a virtual kirtan in realtime, and also simultaneously recording it, has amazed me. I am still trying to find friends who will be able to join up and play together online, this is better than chatting on any messengers.The site for download info for REAPER and NINJAM is setup instructions are at us try and see if this helps distant, musical minded devotees who live alone, to connect and perform some kirtans together over the internet!HARE KRISHNA!
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  • I am streaming Bhajans at  

    It is a free streaming service. I try to stream as much a spossible.Bhajans,lectures of Srila Prabhupada,and so on.

    Your Eternal Servant

  • When someone joins in they will have to observe some rule, like not suddenly opening their channel, but through the IRC chat which is provided they can send a message that they will be joining so others can know and be prepared. Anyway all this has to be tried out practically. A connection supporting the streaming of audio is required. If you checked the link, under the tab Music Made With NINJAM, you will find a link to some songs recorded using Ninjam. It would help you evaluate.
  • Hare Krsna Prabhuji,
    The idea is a great one, but my concerns are about the synchronization of such virtual kirtans, what happens when someone joins in the mid of an ongoing kirtan. Then again such type of service would demand a very high speed internet connection.

    your servant
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