Pashupati Devi Healing Fund.

Our beloved Pashupati Prabhvi (ACBSP), known for many years as an exemplar of care and compassion, has just been in a terrible car accident. She was not at fault and sustained injuries including 12 broken ribs; a fractured collar bone, hip and pelvis; and a collapsed lung. 

Pashupati has thrived through painful physical challenges for many years and has demonstrated such care and compassion for many. In spite of her own health challenges, she was known for driving community members in need to doctors appointments, cooking for others, connecting people to support and caring for all those who know her. 

Her husband, Chaturatma Prabhu (ACBSP), works full-time. In addition to adjustments that will have to be made to grant him time to care for Pashupati through this challenging stage, they will face steep medical fees to foster her complex recovery.

So many of us have expressed a desire to assist them at this challenging time. Here is a simple way. They will benefit greatly from our loving support. Please donate what you can *today* to help them through this initial stage. Every bit will help. Our goal is $10,000 by July 31, 2016. **All donations go directly to Chaturatma Prabhu (Charles Henderson).** Thank you!!!


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