By Atma Tattva Das

On April 7-8th, 2024, in a jubilant spectacle of devotion and celebration, crowds gathered for the grand opening of the ISKCON Mauritius Bambous Preaching Center. The long-awaited event was the culmination of a long-held dream for a preaching center on the west side of Mauritius.

At the helm of this transformative endeavor are Sundar Caitanya Goswami and Rasika Sindhu Dasa, whose dedication and tireless efforts have brought the Bambous Preaching Center to life. The seeds of this project were sown long before in the hearts of two earlier devotees – Adhyatmika Das and the late Srinivas Das. Tragically, the project faced a setback when Srinivas passed away, leaving it dormant for a period.

However, the flame of devotion never waned, and the project was reignited through the dedication of Sundar Caitanya Goswami and Rasika Sindu. Their vision, fueled by a strong commitment to spreading the teachings of Srila Prabhupada and Lord Krishna, breathed new life into the endeavor, propelling it to its ultimate realization.

Read more: https://iskconnews.org/long-awaited-bambous-preaching-center-opens-on-the-westside-of-mauritius/

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