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By Savitri Devi Dasi  

The Vrindavan Institute for Higher Education (VIHE) is pleased to announce its latest on-site Bhakti-vaibhava course covering Cantos One and Two, which will be held from June 26 to October 30, 2024. The full course facilitates the systematic study of the first six cantos of Srimad-Bhagavatam in the association of devotees under the guidance of senior teachers, with reference to Srila Prabhupada’s books and the works of previous acaryas. It aims to expand devotees’ devotio

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By Savitri Devi Dasi 

The Vrindavan Institute for Higher Education (VIHE) has announced the dates for its onsite Bhakti-sastri courses in English and Hindi, which are scheduled to begin on June 20 and end on October 30, 2024. VIHE extends a warm invitation to all devotees seeking to deepen their understanding and practice of bhakti to participate in this life-changing education.

Speaking of the Bhakti-sastri program, Srila Prabhupada said, “I wish to encourage all my disciples to very carefully

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By Savitri Devi Dasi

The Vrindavan Institute for Higher Education (VIHE) will start its new series of the Bhakti-vaibhava course from 4 January to 5 April 2024. The course will begin from Canto 1 and be held on-site in Sri Vrndavana Dhama.

Apart from the regular classes, there will be classes for the memorization of verses, group work, and presentations by students. It will also include japa sessions, value classes, dhama darsana, and festivals. The course will be a verse-by-verse study of Srim

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By Savitri Devi Dasi   

The Vrindavan Institute for Higher Education (VIHE) is going to start its fresh batch of the Bhakti-sadacara course from 27 December 2023 to mid-April 2024. The Bhakti-sadacara course is especially designed to give systematic knowledge to new devotees and to train devotees who did not have a chance for such systematic training before.  

The course covers different aspects of the path of devotion and provides not only knowledge but aims to cultivate Vaisnava qualities and

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The Vrindavan Institute for Higher Education is organizing a combination onsite/online CAREER DHARMA seminar by Her Grace Urmila Devi Dasi (Dr. Urmila Edith Best). For all the seekers who wish to know more about their nature and how to find a matching career where our work is our dharma—this seminar will open new horizons of knowledge. One can gain an overview of the nine principles of dharma in work so that you can move towards having a satisfying career that is the best expression of yourself

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Rupotsava, an annual celebration dedicated to Srila Rupa Gosvami, unfolded its enchanting festivities at the Vrindavan Institute of Higher Education (VIHE) this year. Commencing on the 25th of August and concluding on the 28th, the event marked the disappearance day of Srila Rupa Gosvami.

The inaugural day dawned with the resonating melody of mangala arati at 5:15 a.m. As the VIHE staff and students formed a harmonious harinama team, the procession wound along the Vrndavana parikrama path towar

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By Kulavati Krishnapriya Devi Dasi

The Vrindavan Institute of Higher Education (VIHE) is organizing a dynamic six-day onsite Teacher Training Course (TTC) in the holy month of Kartik from 18th-23rd November 2023 with Aniruddha Dasa and Bimala Prasad Dasa leading TTC1 and TTC2 respectively.

The course will be held on the premises of VIHE in Vrindavana. Students will benefit greatly by learning the philosophy of learning in the supportive environment of Vrindavana. 

The curriculum involves numero

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Every year, a cherished tradition unfolds as the Vrindavan Institute for Higher Education’s staff, teachers, students, and guests unite to seek the blessings of Srila Rupa Gosvami by commemorating his Disappearance Day on August 26th and 27th at the VIHE.

VIHE is inviting devotees from around the world to join them for this auspicious event (in person at the venue or by joining us online), where we will engage in the recitation of slokas and astakas penned by Srila Rupa Gosvami himself. The pro

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By HG Ananda Pradayini Devi Dasi 

The Vrindavan Institute for Higher Education (VIHE) is delighted to announce the upcoming courses for the year 2023.

1) On-site Bhakti-śāstrī course: 21 June – 11 November 2023

Special features of the course:

The VIHE onsite Bhakti-śāstrī course is an intensive course with two classes (of up to 2 hours each) per day, Tuesday to Friday, and 1 class on Mondays and Saturdays. The course includes classes, sloka memorization, essays, and exams. There are also japa s

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VIHE Online Bhakti-pravesa Course

Start your spiritual journey on a sound footing

Introductory Course

If you have recently come in contact with Krsna Consciousness and wish to understand its philosophy and practice, this course is perfect for you. You will learn about Krsna, Lord Caitanya, Srila Prabhupada and the timeless process of bhakti yoga, the path of devotion. You will clearly understand the goal of Krsna Consciousness. Moreover, you will learn about lifestyle in the mode of goodness.

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By Syamala Devi Dasi

We are pleased to share that the VIHE will be resuming onsite courses in Vrndavana in June 2022. We would like to welcome you to join the Bhakti-sadacara (a pre-bhakti sastri course) or the Bhakti-sastri course.

Along with enhancing the knowledge of the students, this kind of structured study also enables them to preach better, see the world from a sastric perspective, enhance their faith and conviction, cultivate vaisnava qualities and apply the sastric knowledge in their

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As any activity is done with some aim or goal in mind, similarly, the VIHE study courses have been structured to meet the aims defined by the Vaisnava Training and Education. This kind of structured study does not only enhance the knowledge of the students, but also enables them to preach better, see the world from a sastric perspective, enhance their faith and conviction, cultivate vaisnava qualities and apply the sastric knowledge in their personal lives.

Special features of the course:

The V

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8333308455?profile=RESIZE_584xVideo: Click here

Registrations for the Online VIHE Govardhana Retreat 2021 are now open! Register here:  More info:

The schedule will be announced shortly. The retreat is free of charge but it would be great if you could help to cover the organizing costs by donating according to your means. Donation information is available in the registration form. If you have any questions, write to

Speakers include:

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Online VIHE Govardhana Retreat 2020

8302317693?profile=RESIZE_584xEvery year after kartika the VIHE holds the Holy Name Retreat and the Govardhana Retreat at the foot of Giriraja. However, as many of you might have expected, we will not have the retreats at Govardhana this year BUT we have decided to present to you a wonderful online retreat helped by our esteemed speakers HH Sacinandana Svami, HG Bhurijana Prabhu, HG Jagattarini Devi Dasi, and HG Madhavananda Dasa so that you may start the new year with Giriraja’s blessings. The dates are January 2-6, 2021.


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