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The Vedic literatures give us many wonderful examples of selfless, devoted and spiritually empowered mothers. These glorious mothers such as Queen Suniti (the wife of King Uttanapada and the mother of Dhruva Maharaja), Srimati Kunti devi (the wife of King Pandu and the mother of the Pandavas and Mother Sita (the wife of Lord Ramachandra and the mother of Lava and Kusha) serve as great role models for us mothers to take inspiration and spiritual strength from.

Throughout their lives these spirit

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First Among Kings By Drutakarma Dasa


From Back to Godhead

From the Vedic literature: the history of King Prthu,
the incarnation of the ruling potency of the Supreme Lord.

Long ago, the normally peaceful wise men of a Vedic kingdom forcibly deposed an intolerably corrupt ruler. But instead of replacing him with another unprincipled politician (as has so often happened in the history of the world), they selected a perfect chief executive to command the state. The story of this ancient coup d’etat holds many lessons for the people of

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